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Here are some of the better Baldur's Gate sites out there.  Please notify us if any aren't being updated, and I will consider removing them.  If you have a page you would like to see here, please send a note to [email protected].   However, please note that not all submitted sites will be included.  Those listing warez or containing links to pornography sites will be excluded.  After all, this site will always pass corporate censors with flying colors, and I intend to keep it that way.

Great Sites 

Site Description
Baldur's Gate
The Official Interplay Site
BG Expansion
The pages at Interplay that detail the expansion pack.
Baldur's Gate Chronicles
The best news source for Baldur's Gate around
Thaladar's Scriptorium
This site is one of my favorites.  Lots of news, lots of good information.  This is where I look first for information.  The only thing I wish they would do is to buy that applet so it quits showing the Trial Version Only message.   Therefore, everyone needs to go there and click on their advertising banners so they can afford the real thing <g>.
Dragons Breath Tavern
A nice site that has a little of everything.  They have a character generation guide that's second to none, and a pretty good look and feel. Worth several visits, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie.
Baldur's Gate Dungeon
Another one of my Favorites.  I owe this guy big for helping me find a host, and for having such a good site.  It hasn't been updated in forever, but the hints are still good.
Anastasia's Baldur's Gate Portraits
IMHO, the best portrait site for Baldur's Gate out there.  She has really done a fine job.
The Ironwolf Inn
A really nice site that has additional AD&D information
Kekke's Baldur's Bate Site
A beautiful BG Site, one of the best...
Yeastman's Corner
I don't know how I missed this one for so long.  Replaces Baldurs Gate School of Etiquette as the best customization site on the net.  Also has spoilers and other info.
Darkholme Keep
Great looking and well done, Baldur's Gate is just a subset of this site, which contains AD&D campaign information and DM tools.   Worth a visit just to see his effects.
Bethphel's Diary
A new walkthrough that is told from the perspective of a Chaotic Evil Fighter is the core of this site.  Hope he keeps it up, because I like his style so far.
Fantasy Name Generator
Way cool...
The Gate House
The best looking maps on the net.  I wish there were more of them.
Locke's Hideout
A great site that was down for a while, but is now back.  I for one am glad to see him again.
The Ironworks
This is a good site with a little of everything.  It kind of specializes in portraits, but has maps and hints too.  It also has a very nice layout.
Fittsworld's Baldur's Gate Page
A single page site dedicated to his characters.   He put some thought into the information presented, and it's worth a visit.
The Baldur's Gate File Format Hacking Project
"A full disclosure on the inner workings of Baldur's Gate."  The author and his friends have done an excellent job researching and documenting the file formats of Baldur's Gate.  Not a site for ordinary cheaters or people looking for hints, but anyone with a knowledge of development or general hacking will really appreciate the information here.
Baldur's Gate Voices
This is not really a Baldur's Gate site, but it lists all the voice actors that provided the voices of the NPCs in the game and what else they have done.
The Chamber of Doors
An RPG Search site.  This place does not have much more than links, and is not dedicated to Baldur's Gate, but is a great resource for any avid RPGer who wants more information on what's out there.

Worth a look

Site Description
Ackadia:   Baldur's Gate Solution
Incomplete and a little rough around the edges, nevertheless I will be checking this regularly to continue reading his walkthrough (the best I have seen from the character's point of view).
AD&D by CyberMouse
Good AD&D Site, good help for the new player.
Al Giovetti's Baldur's Gate Walkthrough
A compact loader that gives the quick and dirty on what to do in Baldur's Gate.  If you don't have the time or inclination to sift through sites like this one for information go here.
Baldur's Gate Central
Maps and Spoilers.  Currently under construction.  In fairness, they state that they are not open yet, but a lot of content is there.
Baldur's Gate Gazette
A well-done spoilers site.  Not a lot of graphics, so the pages load quickly, and he has a lot of accurate information here.
Baldur's Gate Heaven
Very nice and original approach, delivers maps and other information.
Baldur's Gate, In the Zone
A fairly new site, it has some good tips and a comprehensive item code list.
Baldur's Gate Item Archive
A source for people who want predesigned characters loaded with weapons, etc...
Baldur's Gate II Temple
Long on content, this site is dedicated to the expansion.  I was late getting this link up because I was too busy reading there...
Baldur's Gate Strategy Guide
This is Rabid Leper's site. Not big on the graphics, but this is content rich, and a great read.  
Baldur's Gate Top 10
Just like the description says, it lists the top ten vote getters for the best BG site out there.  Go there and be kind, ok?
BG Portal
A BG Site focusing on characters.  The author is updating again, which is always a good thing.
BG Realms
One of the older sites out there, but went for what seems like forever between updates.  Real nice looking, and has a character and story database.
BGate Voice Station
Voice sets for the game.
Bigtoe Tumble's Homecave
A fairly good Baldur's Gate site.  He has a walkthrough that you might enjoy.  However, bear in mind that it is a complete rip-off of the Liam and Stephanos walkthrough posted here and at a few other sites.  Well, complete save for the credit...
The Black Raven Inn
If we're too slow, go here.  Nice site, good, original information, a quick loader.
Bregan D'Aerth Caverns
A Guild site that's worth a look.  Not dedicated to Baldur's Gate, but a nice ride. 
Byterunner's Baldur's Gate Page
Home of the Portrait Manager, and he has custom sounds too.
Conan's Diary
A great site for strategy and information on upcoming releases.
DQN Baldur's Gate Walkthrough
Another Walkthrough, he has all the maps but not as much detail as some of the other sites listed here.  That's not a negative, as some people want hints about the game, not complete answers.
Desslock's Guide to Baldur's Gate
A professionally done walkthrough.  When it came out, I immediately put the link in the great sites based on the work Desslock did on Diablo.  However, I have found this site difficult to navigate through, and not up to the standards he previously established for himself.  No site out there has more information, but many present it better.
Fantasy and AD&D Art
Beautiful fantasy pictures.  This is an FTP site.
Flaming Fist
Original hand-drawn portrait and sound files, fantasy art, and an original comic strip.  They've done a lot of work lately, and if you haven't been there in a while you need to see it again.
The Gate
A site with information on the game, NPCs, tips, etc...
Ghost's Baldur's Gate Pages
A decent site, nice graphics but it loads music automatically.
Gnomes Only
Very original.  Text-heavy, which can be a good thing. 
JLoo's Baldur's Gate Page
One of the few sites that's been out since before the game was released, and this one is actually updated on a regular basis.
Kimber's Baldur's Gate Portraits
A new portraits site that has about 70 of them.  Done well enough that you don't get nailed with lots of bandwidth requirements right away.
Kyrandia's Baldur's Gate Page
Great page, but your browser must support javascript to visit.
Lady Nightshade's Portraits
Simple and to the point, a good source for portraits.
Lord Thor's Keep
This page is dedicated to Lord Thor's characters, and is very nice looking.
Midnight in Cormyr
I have never joined a Guild, but this is one of the nicest Guild sites I have seen.
MPL-Net Baldur's Gate Page
Very well done site with strategies, item information, NPCs, and a guestbook.
Mud Master Beta (Gatekeeper)
One of the finest Baldur's Gate editors out there, his allows you to repair corrupted games, as well as change nearly anything about your group.
Neriah's Underdark
A character customization site that focuses on using game editors to create new items.  Kind of useless without the Team BG site, but great if you have their editor.
Noober's Diary
Mainly Items and their locations, but original in presentation
Olik's AD&D Pages
Really, the best directory of AD&D information I know of.   No Baldur's Gate information here.
The Outskirts of the Realms - Friartuck's Inn
Not a lot of Baldur's Gate-specific information, but if you look around in here you will find some pretty nice AD&D Themes
The Realms of Baldur's Gate
Information on the game with a nice layout.  It also has exported characters.
Scrivener Website
Good stuff here.  Make your own AI scripts, look at his animation.
The Scroll Case
A multilingual site with a nice look and good information.
Secrets of Baldur's Gate
A site with an interesting look to it.   Strategies, tips, and spoilers are here.  Be warned, the site loads with music.
Shaggz696969's Official/Un-Official Baldur's Gate Site
A little of everything here.
Silvermoon's Rooftop Chat Shop
A stunning page greets you here, and the content focuses on help for the game, both technical and strategic.  Real-time chat and a message board make this a good place to exchange information with other players.
Team BG--Baldur's Gate Expansion
Focuses on the Baldur's Gate hack programs.  Worth a long visit.
Tiedemann's Baldurs Gate Lair
Nice layout, mainly news about the author's activities.
Tomes of CandleKeep
Don't you hate it when you think you have a great idea and you find out someone's already done it?  I was more than halfway through the histories when I came across this site.
Walkthrus Express
When this guy finishes documenting the game, this site will be in the top table.  His stuff is a lot like what you find here, but delivered differently.  Pick your passion between here and there...
Wishmaster Presents:  Baldur's Gate
  Complete, organized, just an outstanding site for map and magic item spoilers.

Non-English Sites

Site Description
Web Site of Dragons
A French site with English subtitles.  Actually pretty complete and good viewing even if you don't speak French.  The site loads with music and uses color to differentiate between French and English.  There's a lot of content here.
Baldur's Gate Dungeon--German
Like the title says--a German BG site.   From what I can tell it looks pretty good, but I don't speak the language. 
Baldur's Gate Solution
Not the most detailed of the sites out there, but it's complete.  This place is in both French and English, and lists all the quests and the quest givers with annotated maps.

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