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The Complete Tales of the Sword Coast Walkthrough
by Cosmin 'DarkAgez' Popovici-Toma

As I said I would, I came up with a Tales of the Sword Coast walkthrough. I am sure it won't be as precise as my Baldur's Gate, as my experience through it is limited to 2 games. To better understand my current walkthrough, I suggest you download my Baldur's Gate walkthrough from https://www.bgchronicles.com/ (Webmaster's Note:  You can also download it here or read in on-line here)

Part I: Shandalar's Cloak
Part II: The Werewolf Island
Part III: Durlag's Tower

I hope you enjoy my Tales of the Sword Coast walkthrough but I'm sure it isn't as complete as my Baldur's Gate one, so if you have any questions, comments or wish to tell me of something I should add, e-mail me at [email protected] If you've completed some quests and they weren't recognized it's probably due to a bug in the game. I recommend you download the beta patch 3 from the official Tales of the Sword Coast web page at: https://www.interplay.com/bgtales/. Thanks for reading!

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