What do you want to be today?

This section deals with getting going in Planescape. Pages below this one will deal with characteristics, skills, classes, and anything else you may need to build a foundation for understanding the game. Of course, to start with you need to create your character, so lets see what you have.

Well, aside from being the Nameless one, you are also kind of statless at first. So, the first thing you need to do when you are starting the game is to "create" your character. Sure you may be some sort of super-being, but that doesn't mean beans right now. After all you've been dead a long time and that can take a toll on a body... So, start at the Character Generation screen and get busy!

You start with an attribute of 9 in each category, with 21 points to spread around as you see fit. This will help you shape the type of character you want to play. Before doing this you should read up on the different types of classes available. Each one has a primary attribute, and if you decide to go through the game as one primary type you will want to try and maximize the stats that will help that class the most. For instance, if you prefer playing a rogue you will want a higher dexterity. Bear in mind that your stats will increase as the game goes on, so don't worry about your primary attribute being too low right now.

STR is Strength. This is the primary attribute of a fighter. It can help you do more damage, carry more items, and bash open locks.

WIS is Wisdom, the primary attribute for a priest. High wisdom lets you better absorb information from what's going on around you, and you get more experience for doing things if your wisdom is high. In addition, since you already have been at the top of all the professions in Planescape, you already know how to do everything. High wisdom increases your chances of remembering skills you once had.

CON is your Constitution, a good all-around attribute. High constitution means more hit points, a faster regeneration rate, and better likelihood of surviving poison, various spell effects, etc.

CHR is Charisma, and boy do you need it! I mean, look at you--who would want to be your buddy with all those scars and folds of skin hanging down... Anyway, good charisma means more people are likely to listen to you, to be swayed by your arguments, or be bluffed. A high charisma also opens up some conversation threads in the game.

DEX is Dexterity, the primary attribute for thieves. A high dexterity lowers your armor class (always a good thing), gives you a faster reaction to things, and increases thieving attributes like lockpicking.

Lastly, INT is your intelligence, the primary attribute of Mages. The smarter you are the more things you can think of to say in conversation (again more threads), the easier you can learn spells, and as with wisdom, the more likely you will remember past skills.

The various modifiers that the attributes bring different classes will be described on the class pages.

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