Staring at the scenery...

Feeling like it's time for a nice Torment puzzle? Be our guest... And if you have any suggestions on which images to add to the puzzle, feel free to email me.

The puzzle can be dragged by grabbing the image. This feature can be turned off with the labeled toggle button. Break the puzzle into as many pieces as you want. Break it again. Move the pieces into position to solve it. Stuck? Use the Hint button. Fed up? Let the puzzle solve itself with the Solve button. At any stage, an optional grid can be turned on and off to assist in piece placement. If the puzzle has a low piece count, the grid may slow the puzzle down on Internet Explorer 4. In Netscape Navigator 4, after a puzzle drag or a new image load, the form buttons may not display properly. Scroll the puzzle off the screen and back on to fix, or in Windows 95, selectView-Refresh.

The recommended division is 8 by 12. Enjoy! :)

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