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Frankly, there's not a lot of armor in the game. Four of your NPC's can wear it, as noted below. Only Annah and Fall-From-Grace can choose from multiple sets.

Annah's Vest Lower Planes Vermin Armor Bodice of the Perilous Quest
Jerkin of the Brazen Rogue Fall-From-Grace's Chastity Bodice Dak'kon's Zerth Armor
Jerkin of the Flitting Shadow Bodice of the Godless Priestess Vhailor's Mercykiller Armor

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Armor Class: 8
Weight 2

Usable only by Annah

Annah's vest is similar to leather armor, but it seems more flexible and allows her greater freedom of movement. You're not certain what creature's hide (if any) was used to make the vest, but it seems durable enough. Three straps help secure the front, and a staggered series of braces run down the left arm. If necessary, Annah can slip her punch daggers into the bracers to conceal them.
Armor Class: 4
Weight 12
THAC0: +1

Usable only by Annah

This piece of sturdy leather armor was clearly fashioned for a woman. It is a piece of remarkably skillful craftsmanship; small metal plates and bands are carefully concealed here and there over the jerkin's surface, providing a great deal of protection without hampering mobility. The armor seems best suited for a 'flashy' fighter who would make the full use of the free movement it would afford them. The enchantments woven into it by Goncalves not only serve to protect such a combatant, but aid them in their balance and the striking of their foes, as well.
Armor Class: 6
Weight 8
Special: +15% Pick Pocket Skill Bonus
+25% Stealth Skill Bonus

Usable only by Annah

This piece of light leather armor was clearly fashioned for a woman. Even at a glance one can tell it is of the highest quality; every part of it, from its supple leather banding to its quadruple-stitched seams and padded silk lining, speaks of impeccable craftsmanship. Goncalves wove a number of enchantments into the lining of the jerkin so that its wearer is more prone to blend into surrounding shadows, making them difficult to spot and often allowing them to pass by others entirely unnoticed.
Armor Class: 5
Weight 10

Usable only by Annah

This armor has been woven from the hides of various Abyssal vermin. The stitching thread appears to be a single white hair (though the type of creature is unknown). There are no metal fixtures, studs, or buckles anywhere on the armor... it is composed solely from the remains of living creatures.
Armor Class: 5
Weight 5

Usable only by Fall-From-Grace

Fall-from-Grace's bodice is made from the tanned hide of some creature. Despite its prim and proper appearance, it does little to detract from Grace's sensuality. The bodice possesses no known powers other than some minor enchantments that prevent it from becoming dirty and repairs minor tears in the fabric.
Armor Class: 5
Weight 5
Special: Memorize 3 Additional 1st Level Priest Spells
Memorize 2 Additional 2nd Level Priest Spells
Usable only by Fall-From-Grace
This is a bodice much like the one Fall-From-Grace, Madame of the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, often wears. The enchantments woven into it by Goncalves allow Fall-From-Grace to memorize twice the number of 1st and 2nd level spells per day as she normally could.
Armor Class: 5
Weight 6
Special: Increase Regeneration
Usable only by Fall-From-Grace
This is a bodice much like the one Fall-From-Grace, Madame of the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, often wears. Goncalves took great care in enchanting the weave of this particular piece of clothing; not only does it clean itself and repair minor tears in its fabric, its magic will slowly heal Fall-From-Grace as well.
Armor Class: 5
Weight 25
Usable only by Dak'kon
Dak'kon's ceremonial zerth armor. It is fashioned of interlocking metal rings, formed of the same substance that Dak'kon's blade is made of. (Unlike the blade, however, it does not appear that the armor changes based on the mental state of the wielder.) The armor is worn over a padded red tunic, and spiked bracers and shoulder pads have been added to give greater protection to the arms and upper body.

While Dak'kon's armor is similar to chain mail, it is lighter and more flexible, allowing him to wield his sword more effectively. It seems that when the sword and armor are used in tandem, the armor actually becomes lighter in weight and more flexible, more like cloth than chain mail. Whether this is a unique property of karach, or whether this is some magical effect of the two items, is unknown.

Armor Class: 2
Weight 75

Usable only by Vhailor

This archaic suit of armor is animated by Vhailor's life force. It bears numerous minor dents and scratches, but otherwise, it seems to have withstood the test of least better than Vhailor's physical body.

Blades decorate the shoulders of this suit of armor, and the symbol of the Mercykiller faction (a red dragon with its wings outspread) is emblazoned on the chest piece.

This suit of armor is part of Vhailor... destroying Vhailor (if such a thing were possible) would most likely result in the destruction of the armor.

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