Wizard Spells, Level Five

Level Five spells will quickly become your default option when you feel really threatened by large groups. The area effect spells here are some of the best available, and the variety allows you to pretty much do damage to anything. By the time you are using these, you are becoming an offensive machine...

If you know where you can get a scroll with one of these spells, let us know and we will post it.

Cloudkill Desert Hell Fire And Ice
Cone Of Cold Enoll Eva's Duplication  

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Range:100 feet
Area of Effect:50 x 50 ft. cloud
Saving Throw:None
Clouds of death stream forth from the caster and send those not strong enough on a free journey to their deserved plane of rest.

A billowing cloud of toxic vapors are created that is so deadly that it will slay any creature with fewer than 4+1 HD, cause creatures with 4+1 to 5+1 HD to roll saving throws vs. poison at -4 penalties or be slain, and creatures up to 6 HD to roll unmodified saving throws vs. poison or be slain! Those above 6 HD suffer 1-10 pts.

Range:30 feet
Area of Effect:Special
Saving Throw:1/2
Extreme cold blasts forth and welcomes your enemies in its freezing embrace.

This spell shoots forth a cone-shaped area of extreme cold from the caster's hand in a 30 ft.-long cone. It deals 1-4 +1 pts. of damage per level of the caster, to a maximum of 10-40 +10 pts.

Range:50 feet
Area of Effect:50 x 50 ft.
Saving Throw:1/2
'Hell' is an oft-debated term. Some say Hell is Baator. Others, the Abyss. This spell proffers that nothing could be worse than the endless dunes and scorching heat of the desert.

This spell summons the scorching heat of the desert planes to scorch all enemies within sight. Enemies within range must save vs. spell or spontaneously combust for 4-40 pts. of damage. Even if they save, they still take half damage from the searing heat.

Range:50 feet
Duration:60 seconds
Area of Effect:One
Saving Throw:None
This 'spell' is actually a complex mathematical equation accidentally discovered by the modron, Enoll Eva, while calculating the multiplication factor on various linear algebraic formulas. The results are devastating: This equation allows all subsequent actions to be doubled or duplicated. Hence it was found that during confrontations, all physical or magical attacks were seemingly doubled - dealing twice the amount of damage.

This spell affects a single target. No Saving Throw required. When cast, all subsequent attacks (physical or magical) will be duplicated once: For example, after attacking once with a weapon, the attack will be immediately duplicated - same for spells (cast a Magic Missile, and immediately afterwards, another Magic Missile spell will launch). This spell will last for approximately 2 minutes after casting.

Range:150 feet
Area of Effect:30 feet radius globe
Saving Throw:Special
A red sphere of Fire and a blue sphere of Ice shall streak forth and quickly strike down the target of your choosing.

This spell summons 2 crystal spheres (one red, one blue) that strike a specified target. Upon impact, the red sphere explodes into a fireball 30' radius that inflicts 3-18 pts. of fire damage upon all w/in range, while the blue sphere explodes in the same area of effect, causing 3-18 of cold damage to all w/in range. A successful saving throw vs. spell halves the damage.

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