Wizard Spells, Level Six

What Level Five spells gave you in offence, Level Six gives in defense. Some of these will pretty much allow you to act with impunity in a combat situation...

If you know where you can get a scroll with one of these spells, let us know and we will post it.

Antimagic Shell Globe Of Invulnerability Howl Of Pandemonium
Chain Lightning Storm    

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Duration:5 minutes
Area of Effect:1 foot per level diameter
Saving Throw:None
In an ironic twist, all magic in its area of effect shall be undone, with this spell.

This spell surrounds the caster with a 'shell of magic' that effectively negates all magic and magical spell effects (including magicitems) within its area of effect. Thus, it blocks out magic, yet it also stops all usage within the shell as well! This also includes various special attacks such as breath, gaze or voice attacks. The spell lasts for 5 minutes, and it globe's area of effect is 1 foot per level of the caster.

Range:50 feet
Area of Effect:50 x 50 ft area
Saving Throw:1/2
As Man looked up and cried to the heavens, so it responded... Judgement rains down from the skies when this spell is invoked. Giant Bolts which strike and chain shall comprise the Storm of death.

Giant Lightning Bolts strike down all hostile creatures on screen for 7-70 pts. of damage. A successful saving throw reduces it to half damage.

Duration:5 seconds per level
Area of Effect:5 feet radius
Saving Throw:None
Similar to its sister spell, Antimagic Shell, this enchantment restricts certain magic from entering its confines. Yet unlike its sibling, this spell allows magic to flow outward from within.

This spell creates an immobile sphere of magic that prevents any 1st - 4th level spell effects from penetrating (even area effect spells). Spells of 5th level or higher are not affected by the globe. But unlike antimagic shell, any type of spell can be cast out of the sphere. The globe lasts for 5 seconds per level of the caster.

Range:50 feet
Area of Effect:30 ft. radius or 60 x 20 ft. cone
Saving Throw:Special
The Madness from the Howling Land - Pandemonium's Noise screams forth and bathes everyone in its cacophony.

The Winds of Pandemonium shoot forth from the caster's body to stun any enemies on screen. The spell can also nullify all sound-based attacks and deflect normal missile weapons. Creatures of 2HD or less who fail a saving throw vs. spell are incapacitated for 10 - 60 minutes. Those creatures with greater than 2HD but less than the caster's who fail their saving throw become confused (as if a Confusion spell was cast on them).

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