Level Nine Wizard Spells

Welcome to the Big Time! Level nine spells are the ones that tend to just make problems go away. Clearly the most powerful spells in the game.

If you know where you can get a scroll with one of these spells, let us know and we will post it.

Abyssal Fury Conflagration Power Word, Kill
Celestial Host Elysium's Fires Rune Of Torment

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Range: 50 feet
Duration: Instant
Speed: 9
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: see below
When compared to the Tanar'ri, at least the Baatezu are more civilized. There is, perhaps, nothing more horrific than the unbounded fury of Abyss. By use of this spell, the ground shall split open and the victim dragged into the Tanar'rian Madness. Welcome to Hell.

This spell opens a planar portal beneath a specified victim and drags them down into the Abyss. The portal remains open even after the victim is swallowed in. The only sound bystanders hear is the incessant screaming of the victim as he/she is torn apart by the ruthless Tanar'ri. After what seems like only a few seconds (which is more than an eternity for the victim in the Abyss), the victim (or what's left of him) gets spit back out of the portal.

(1) If the victim makes a successful saving throw, he will get spit out of the portal in 'one piece,' but while the victim sensed nothing at first, after a split-second, all the Wrath of the Tanar'ri will surface. The victim will suffer 5d10 pts. of damage as he suffers multiple 'delayed' attacks and slashes from all angles.

Range:100 feet
Area of Effect:50 ft. x 50 ft. area
Saving Throw:None
While the various proxies and beings of the Celestial Planes are seen as the embodiment of kindness, compassion, and benevolence, their might easily rivals those of Baator or the Abyss. Woe to those who underestimate the power of the Upper Planes!

When cast, a group of powerful phantasms are called to help eradicate all enemies in a 50 ft. x 50 ft. area, as their combined attacks inflict 40 - 120 hit points of damage, with no saving throw possible. The phantasms represent the some of the most powerful celestial beings from the Upper Planes: Astral Deva (Mace of Disruption), Phoenix (Fire Storm), Solar Aasimon (Celestial Bow), and a Gold Dragon (Energy Wave).

Range:50 feet
Duration:50 seconds
Area of Effect:1 creature
Saving Throw:Special
Burn, burn, burn.

A single creature shall be set aflame with this hideous spell, suffering 2-12 points of damage per 5 seconds, with no saving throw. The spell lasts 5 seconds per level of the caster. Anybody within 10 feet of the target will also suffer 2-12 pts. of damage, but are allowed a saving throw vs. spells to halve the damage.

Range:90 feet
Area of Effect:50 ft. x 50 ft. area
Saving Throw:1/2
Elysium's Fires split the sky, raining streams of bright white fire down upon the earth. Each blast explodes when it strikes the ground, causing a tremendous flash and sending waves of fire rippling out from the point of impact.

This spell summons 8 meteors from Elysium to strike down upon the area and crush all enemies. As they smash down on the ground, each one explodes in a 15 foot diameter area, doing 5-20 points of damage. A creature gets a Saving Throw for each of the blasts that hit him.

Range:15 feet per 2 levels
Area of Effect:10 feet radius
Saving Throw:None
With a single word, life's energies are snuffed out.

When this spell is uttered, one creature of any type within the spell range is instantly killed. It can kill any creature that has up to 120 hit points, with no saving throw allowed.

Area of Effect:50 ft. x 50 ft. area
Saving Throw:None
Pain, Agony, Suffering, Torment. When the Rune is invoked, even the earth shall resonate its anguish. Torment of the mind. Torment of the body. Torment of the soul. All will be made clear when the Circle is drawn.

After the Ultimate Circle is inscribed on the ground, and the Rune explodes, all creatures in the 50 ft. x 50 ft. area that are hostile take 30 - 100 hit points of damage. There is no Saving Throw.

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