Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough



  F. Beyond Sigil

Ravel's Maze

This area is infested with Trigits, products of Ravel's twisted magic. You can find Ravel in the center of the map, but I would advise searching out and destroying all of the Trigits before you approach and talk to her. She won't notice you if you don't speak to her directly. Explore the Maze fully and learn the location of the two portals on either side.

Before you talk to Ravel, power up with whatever spells you usually use right before a big battle. You'll be talking to Ravel for awhile, so spells with a short duration will wear off before combat actually begins, so don't bother with those.

Gain 90000 for finding Ravel and talking to her. When she touches you, touch her back and gain a memory. Don't tell her you could fall in love with both Grace and Annah, though, because that will start the fight prematurely. Gain a humongous 180000 exp for finding out about Trias, the angel who knows about your mortality. QUEST: Find the angel Ravel spoke of. Tell Ravel the truth about her appearance to learn who else she has been. When she turns into Mebbeth, you can gain +1 Wis and another 90000 exp. As Ei-Vene, she will increase your max HP +3. As Marta, she'll give you a powerful wrist item made out of your intestines.

When you prod her about the past, she'll give you a lock of her Hair and 90000 exp. You can also get spells form her, I learned the most when I said I was only a student. As you try to leave, Ravel will attempt to hold you back by force. Defeating Ravel earns 32000 exp. Don't forget to raid Ravel's corpse for goodies.

The portal exit is the one to the northeast, don't merely walk through it, though. When it prompts you, fold your arms like a cage and jump through.



Gain 10000 exp for arriving safely in Curst. The Citizens and Guards here are completely unfriendly, but the Dump Caretaker Kyse is a pretty nice individual. Talk to him and learn about the secret entrance he has hidden in the Dump, but don't go through it. You'll see a noblewoman by the name of Roberta. She's planning to murder her unfaithful husband. Lovely town.

There are two stores in Curst, the Blacksmith and the Distiller. If either of the owners, who are brothers, ask you to help in deciding a will, decline for now. Explore, but don't get too involved in anything or accept any quests just yet. The Guard Captain can be found just east of the Distiller.

Make your first stop The Traitor's Gate Tavern. You should spy Marquez, a Harmonium Guard, sitting alone. He won't be too friendly just yet. Go talk to the bar's owner, Tainted Barse. He'll answer many questions and tell to rescue his daughter in exchange for the key necessary to open the door to the deva. Five bar patrons have pieces of the key and each one will require a service for their portion. QUEST: Assemble the Key.

Barse will point you towards Marquez. He'll be a little more receptive now. Marquez will tell you the location of the corrupt Harmonium Guards. QUEST: Rescue Barse's Daughter. Leave the bar and exit to the northern portion of Curst. The Guards aren't that hard to find, they're in an alley in the northeast part of town. Kill them to rescue Barse's daughter Jasilya. Talk to her briefly and return to The Traitor's Gate Tavern. Return to Marquez for 65000 exp and the first part of the Key. Marquez will also train you as a Fighter. He'll direct you to Kitla.

Kitla is just northeast, in the area with the hanging shark. She wants you to bring her Crumplepunch's and Kester's Legacies, because they both owe her money. QUEST: Mediate the Family Dispute.

While you're still in the bar, you might as well explore upstairs. There's nothing that has to be done, but I did find a few items of interest. An adventurer named Berrog is here and feeling panicky because Curst is so corrupt. I told him to go, and he left.

Now resume your quests and have chats with both Crumplepunch and Kester. Collect their Legacies and then make your decision. Depending on how you arbitrate the situation, you'll get a different result. If you give the Legacies to Kitla, she'll offer to train you as a Mage. If you rule to split the Legacies, Crumplepunch will be pleased. If you rule in favor of Kester, he will be happy and reward you. Whomever you choose, the other two will not be happy with your decision and will refuse you their services. Personally, I went to Crumplepunch and told him to split the inheritance and got 15000 exp. Return to Kitla and she'll give you a scroll of Abyssal Fury.

The next person to whom you need to speak is Nabat. He's hanging around the south of the bar. QUEST: Defend the Dump Caretaker. Talk to Kyse and find out who's threatening him. The Thug leader Wernet is in the north side of town, down south near the wagons; have a chat with him and he'll scoff at you. Raid the Warehouse crates, too, while you're at it. Go back to Kyse to defend him from the Thugs. After you rescue him, he'll be grateful and sell healing if you need it. Go back to Nabat and receive 43750 exp for this quest. He'll also train you as a Thief.

Now talk to Dallan, he's east of the tavern, talking to a female friend. QUEST: Deal with an Official Dispute. An'izius is way up north, near the Gate to Carceri. An'izius wants you to make up a story for the Guard Captain, but I went to go talk to Siabha first. She's standing outside the Administration Building that you can't enter yet. Siabha will offer you double, and then An'izius will double her offer. Siabha will match his offer, so now it's up to you to choose whom to report. I turned them both in for 200000 exp and I also had Roberta arrested for good measure. Return to Dallan and gain 87500 exp for solving the quest.

Dona Quisho holds the last part of the Key; she's standing right nearby Kitla. QUEST: Free Dona Quisho's fiend. Head into the Grain Silo, it's just north of the tavern. Examine the Scroll while nearby the pentagram upstairs and gain 60000 exp. The fiend is Agril-Shanak, a powerful Glabrezu. Agril-Shanak will tempt you with a powerful axe Heartgrinder (it is *quite* powerful). I didn't learn axes and didn't hold with freeing fiends, so I just let him be. 131250 exp is yours for reporting back to Dona Quisho.

Now you're ready to enter the Underground with the complete Key. You could have bypassed all these quests and just entered the secret entrance in the Dump, but then you would have missed out on a whopping amount of easy experience. Talk to Barse when you're ready to go through and you'll receive some exp, too.


Curst Underground

You'll be beset by Trelons immediately upon entering, so beat them off (not in that sense, you pervert). This is where it helps to be a powerful Mage, because there are lots of Trelons in large groups.

Make your way west along the bottom tunnels and head north when you can. You'll meet a talkative Gehreleth by the name of Ghrist. He wants to eat Trias and you, so kill him for 14000 exp. If you're really banged up, keep going north until you meet the Hermit. He'll let you rest and watch out for you while you're sleeping. You can just leave west if you're impatient, but you might as well clear out this area for the exp. You can always run back to the Hermit after you get beat up.

There's a shifty fellow in the southern chambers by the name of Voorsha. It turns out he's a smuggler and he promises to make you his partner if you kill the Gehreleth. QUEST: Kill the gehreleth for Voorsha. You should have already killed it, so go ahead and tell him that. He'll turn on you because he didn't think you could actually do it. His actions don't really make sense, though; he knows he can't kill the gehreleth, so he attacks the guy who is powerful enough to kill it? Maybe he's just really greedy, oh well.

Up north, there are two rooms full of Lemures and Nupperibos. Feel free to put them down. Cloudkill works like a charm here. North of this area are two Black Abishai and a Cornugon named Tek'elach. You can fight the Abishair without Tek'elach getting involved.

Talk to Tek'elach and find out that he has a hidden agenda by helping you. After a few future events occur, it's clear what he's planning and why; but it'll be a mystery for a little while longer. Kill him just because he looks ugly. Once you're done here, head back to the Hermit, rest if you need to, then head west into the Curst Prison.


Curst Prison

Your foes inside the prison will be Curst Guards for the most part. They're fairly tough in large groups, so save your big spells for those occasions. Also don't be afraid to head back to the Hermit and rest when necessary.

There'll be a lot of Guards in the northeast corner and a door that you won't be able to open at all. Leave this alone for now, as you won't be able to do anything with it until after you have beaten the boss here.

Head west and then south down the corridor. After fighting a few Guards, you'll find a door that leads to the deva' prison. Talking to Trias will avail you little for he claims that his chains smother his mind like the River Styx. He needs his sword in order to be freed, and he'll teach you the words to get past the gate in the northwest. QUEST: Free the deva. There are some huge bugs here, but I won't touch on them as they are quite abusable.

Ready yourself for some more intense fighting before you open the gate. There are a lot of Guards here, and a certain something else. There are three rings to the prison. One of the Guards you kill in the Outer Ring will be carrying a Finger Bone Key, so search the corpses thoroughly.

Inside the Second Ring, you'll find some more Guards and Roberta (if you had her arrested). The Third Ring contains even more fun-loving Guards and possible Siabha and An'izius as well. I wasn't able to open the doors to the regular citizenry who are imprisoned here, but they'll open on their own later. There's a big trap here that Annah disarmed for 87500 exp.

The inner Sanctum contains a Nupperibo-lookalike named Cassius. He has Trias' sword and you can challenge him in strength, wits, or speed. You don't gain any experience for choosing wits and speed; but then again, you don't have to fight him, either. He's pretty stupid, though. When you choose the challenge of strength, he'll pursue The Nameless One relentlessly. Just have the rest of your party members attack him and have The Nameless One run around out of his reach. He's worth 10000 exp and drops Celestial Fire, Trias' sword.

After Cassius leaves or is killed, the doors to the prisoners will open and they'll attempt to escape. Guards will arrive and they'll have a couple of big fight. Go back to free Trias.

It's worth 306250 exp for freeing Trias. He offers several things, but will only give knowledge. Ask him about your mortality, and he'll point you towards Fhjull Forked-Tongue. QUEST: Find Forked-Tongue. The door to the northwest that was locked previously is now open and a portal will open there as well.

Once you activate the portal, the door will open. *Don't* step through the portal, instead walk behind it to meet Vhailor. As you approach the suit of armor, speak his name to summon a memory for 60000 exp and then tell him to awaken.



Vhailor is a former Mercykiller who's just a suit of armor and an axe; but he doesn't quite realize that he's dead. He's an embodiment of Justice itself and becomes stronger depending on how great the injustice is that he must overcome. He has the power to crush armies and destory Gods. All in all, he's a pretty tough customer.

You can ask him to look at the other party members and see them through Justice's eyes. Gain 90000 exp for the memory of imprisoning Vhailor here long ago. Don't prod him too much about how he died, or else he'll get ugly and you'll be forced to put him to rest; and he's much more useful as an ally. Gain some more experience for getting Vhailor to join your party.

A few basics on Vhailor: He's a tank. He starts off at level 9 with 100 HPs. He has 2.5 attacks with a THACO of 12 and +5 to hit and dam. But that's not all, folks! His axe, Final Judgment does 5-15 with 1-6 fire damage and +3 THACO. It also does *double* damage against guilty or chaotic foes and protects him. Its power is derived purely from Vhailor's will to mete out Justice. And he can become exponentially more powerful near the end of the game.

After acquiring Vhailor (or not, depending on your tastes), jump through the portal. Also, if you had to ditch a sixth party member to squeeze in Vhailor, you'll not be seeing him again (unless it was Ignus).

The Outlands

There are two types of hostile critters here, Gronks and Grilligs. Gronks are immune to crushing weapons and Grilligs edged, so an interesting pairing of monster types here. Neither creature should be very difficult to defeat for your powerful party.

The entrance to The House of Fhjull is in the maw of the giant skeleton. For a fiend, Fhjull is pretty helpful, but that's only because Trias has bound him. That's okay, take advantage however you can. :) Fhjull knows that you must enter The Tower of Regrets, but he does not know the way. For 350000 exp, he'll tell you about the Pillar of Skulls in Baator. He'll open a portal by the hand of the creature that'll take you to Baator. Gain another 100000 exp for asking him how to leave Baator once you have gotten the information you require. Ask him about where you are presently and what the skeleton is that he inhabits. This could be useful to you later on.

Also, ask him for aid and take all of his cool items. He has a grand assortment of spells not available elsewhere. You can also rest here whenever you want. When you're properly equipped and rested, leave and enter the portal in the left arm of Ul-Goris' skeleton.



There are lots of bad guys here to fight, and there's only one pseudo-special encounter. Off in the west, there'll be a woman who seems to be fighting for her life. It's a ruse; if you save her she'll turn into an Abishai and you'll be ambushed.

Your goal, the Pillar of Skulls, can be reached down to the southeast. You may also notice the cleft in the rocks off to the east and be prompted to exit, but you need to speak with the Pillar first.

The Pillar of Skulls doesn't like to play fair. It charges a very high price for all of its answers. There's only question you have to ask it, though, and that's about The Tower of Regrets. If you don't want to cough of Morte, they'll ask you for the location of Fhjull, if you decline that, they want the Modron Cube, then Grace, and then Annah.

You can reform your party and just leave them off to the side while you talk to the Pillar. They'll demand Fhjull, the Modron Cube, or a taste of your blood. I just gave them a taste of my blood, but that's -15 max HPs, so you may just want to give them the Modron Cube.

If you tell the Pillar of Forked-Tongue's location, fiends will be waiting for you when you return to the Outlands. Also, if you talked to the Pillar with Grace in your party, fiends will appear, attracted by her scent. QUEST: Return to Curst and speak to Trias.

Return to Fhjull, and he'll tell you how to leave back to Curst. The portal is aptly located under the arse of Ul-Goris' skeleton. If you betrayed Forked- Tongue, the fiends hunting him will appear and Fhjull will turn against you. Rest up before heading out, because you'll certainly need it.



Hrm, when you arrive in Curst, it'll be a ghost town. The only thing here will be Agril-Shanak, mislabeled as the Fiend from Moridor's Box. He's harder than heck to beat, but it's worth it, as he carries a very powerful magic item and gives you 500000 exp to boot. The easiest way to beat him is to leave the rest of your party by the entrance to this area and take Annah off alone. Cast spells on her like Power of One, Zerthimon's Focus, and Enoll Eva's Duplication to buff her up so she can do 150 point backstabs. Give her some healing items like Blood Charms so that every time she gets injured, Grace won't come barging in to ruin your strategy. Just make Annah hide and backstab; she can move a lot faster than Agril-Shanak, and once she's on the other side of one of the many obstructions, she can hide again. Right after you attack, whether it's hit or miss, duck back and start running, otherwise Annah will take a big hit. Rinse and repeat with hide and backstab, and the Aegis of Torment will be yours.

Poke around a bit and find that the Gate to Carceri is now activated. As you leave, the Gate Heads will talk to you and tell you what happened. You can also rest here if you need to.

There are a lot of mini-encounters that you need to solve while you're in Carceri. The first one you'll notice is just northwest of your starting position after you enter the portal. Defend the townspeople against the Gehreleths for a good bit of exp (250000 to be exact, I think).

Northeast of where you begin is Kyse. Talk to him to find out what's happening. He'll give you a scroll of Meteor Storm Bombardment and tell you that you can safely rest in The Distillery and The Barracks. He'll also tell that the more anarchy and chaos you stop, the weaker Trias will be when you face him. You may also see Tovus Giljaf and Berrog trapped under a nearby wagon. Free them both and get a scroll of Deathbolt.

As you head north, you'll see poor hapless Jasilya under assault again, this time from some Thugs. Save her for 750000 exp. Go up to the Warehouse and talk some sense into the would-be looters for 150000 exp. Enter the Warehouse. There are some decent items here, not to mention a group of Anarchists led by Ebb Creakknees. He'll hand you a scroll of Desert Hell.

There are some friendly Curst Guards trying to fight off the monsters, but it's hard work as they come in non-stop waves. There are also a couple of annoying Crazy Mages who don't stay dead for long.

Check out the Distillery and save Kester from the Thugs. He'll organize his friends and let you rest here if you need it. There's a Dwelling to the west in which a Citizen has apparently murdered another. Talk to the murderer and avenge her.

Right outside, you may notice a mob scene in which everyone is fighting everyone else. Clean up here. You may alternately see An'izius being taken forward to trial. Stop the craziness here by talking to the Judge and gain 225000 exp.

Inside the Barracks, a couple of Guards will be fighting a Sohmien, after which they'll turn on you. Polish them off and then you can use the Barracks to rest whenever you need to.

Outside of the Administration Building, you'll see a Curst Official who's inciting trouble. There are a few Thokola Guards nearby, protecting a slaver named Hezobol. Cut them down and do the same for Hezobol. When you've done enough to stem the flow of chaos, the Hermit will appear and tell you that Trias is sufficiently weakened. Time to head inside.

There's not too much to say other than basically fight your way up to the top floor, collecting what goodies you encounter. When you make it up to the third floor, a nearly dead Guard will warn you about Trias. Search the room and pick up some pretty tasty weaponry.

Before you fight Trias, you might want to leave Vhailor on the floor below. If you do, though, you won't be able to get him back. He'll be troublesome when you try to redeem Trias. Fight Trias, and he'll concede before he is killed and tell you how to get to The Fortress of Regrets. You can beat Trias pretty easily: Morte should also use his Skull Mob ability; Grace should cast Call Lightning; and The Nameless One and Dak'kon should keep firing away with Magic Missile, Reign of Anger, Ball Lightning, Elysium's Tears, Swarm Curse, and whatever other quick-firing spells you have in your arsenal. If Trias succeeds in summoning forth his Sohmien, just have The Nameless One cast a Cloudkill centered on Trias; that should kill all of the nuisances. Annah and/or Vhailor can kill any that escape the cloud.

I spared Trias and told him to ask forgiveness and gained 375000 exp. He'll give you a copy of Celestial Host before he departs. If you're Lawful Good, you may want to consider killing him for his sword, Celestial Fire, though. If Vhailor is present, he'll rush forward and pronounce judgment on Trias.

Either way, after you defeat Trias, a portal will appear to take you back to The Hive.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
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