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  G. Endgame

Return to The Hive

Do whatever it is you want to do, because the next step you take in your journey will be the last. Don't worry about powering up your teammates too much, as combat shouldn't play prominently in the endgame. When you're ready to finish the game, head back to The Mortuary.

Specifically, go back to the room in which your adventure began, the Southwest Preparation Room on the second floor. Trias wasn't kidding when he said that you were really close to getting to The Fortress of Regrets last time. Head towards the center of the map, and you should start getting the proper prompts.

Inscribe a regret onto your skin and get ready for a wild ride. Personally, I picked regretting what happened to my companions and all they had to endure to reach this point for 250000 exp. Just before you leave, Morte will drop a bombshell on you and Dak'kon will jump in as well.

If you're really and truly ready to find your mortality and solve all the mysteries that surround you, jump through the portal that appears. Before you leave, make sure you have the Negative Token, the Bronze Sphere, and Deionarra's Wedding Ring on your person. It might also be prudent to have a few Cloudkill spells memorized and maybe even an Infernal Shield.


Fortress of Regrets

Whoops, you and your companions have been separated. The Fortress is off to the west, but swing east first. Deionarra will be waiting for you in the southeast corner. She'll tell you a few things you should know and she'll mention the importance of clocks the last time you came here. After you show her the Ring you brought from her legacy, its power will triple.

When you're really truly ready, approach The Fortress and enter. You'll see a brief scene with Ignus and The Transcendent One. You can't dally around here, so immediately run up the stairs that are southeast of you. Examine the clock there and read the message you wrote last time you were here.

It tells you to ignore the doors and use the cannons instead. The first cannon is northeast of the clock in this room. Examine the panel, pull the lever, and watch a scene with Fall-from-Grace.

You'll be teleported to another part of The Fortress. You can pause the game and check the map to get your bearings. The next cannon you want to trigger is immediately southeast down the nearby stairs. Pull the lever and watch a scene with Annah. You'll be teleported again afterwards.

If the Shadows ever bunch up and start getting too close to you, let them have it with a Cloudkill spell. Run down the southeast stairs, back to the main floor near where you entered. The third cannon is on the north side of the room. Again pull the lever, and this time watch a scene with Dak'kon.

You'll be teleported one last time. Run down the stairs southeast and then head up the stairs that you'll heading north as you move east. The cannon will be slightly east of you as you run up the stairs. After you pull its lever, you'll hear and see a portal open nearby and be teleported one last time.

Again, pause and get your bearings. Head back to the room you were just in and jump through the portal. It will take you to The Trial of Impulse and you'll see a fairly pissed-off Ignus coming towards you.

Now's the time for Infernal Shield if you have it memorized. Ignus won't let you use the crystal in the middle of the room, so you're going to have to Dead- Book Ingus. I guess killing Ignus did the universe the favor, because it not only garnered me 32000 exp but bumped my alignment from Neutral Good to Lawful Good. Now you can use the strange floating crystal.


Maze of Reflections

Oh boy, you'll wake up in the Maze of Reflections, surrounded by three of your other incarnations: Larry, Curly, and Moe. Actually, they're Practical, Paranoid, and Good Incarnations who have also been trapped inside the crystal.

The Practical Incarnation is the one whom you have heard the most about from your companions. This is the man who saved Dak'kon (but only for his karach blade), pried Morte off the Pillar of Skulls, imprisoned Vhailro, taught Ignus The Art, and let Deionarra die deliberately so she could be his spy in The Negative Material Plane. He intends to absorb you so that with your skills in addition to his own, he can confront and defeat The Transcendent One. He also purports to know the way out of the crystal trap. Gain 96000 exp for discovering why the Bronze Sphere is so important; it contains the experiences of the first of the incarnations. When you're done talking to him, tell him that he will merge with you. Your Wisdom must be at least 21 to absorb him, so you might not be able to do it. After absorbing him, gain 96000 exp and bonuses to Int and Wis.

Now turn to the Paranoid Incarnation. He's the one who left the traps for you and killed Fin, the linguist. He's also the one The Lady mazed but he escaped and committed various and sundry heinous crimes. Don't anger him, instead speak with him in the language of the Uyo. Put him out of his misery by absorbing him for 64000 exp and increases in Str and Con.

Now talk to the Good Incarnation. He'll merge with you readily enough for 32000 exp and +1 Wis, but that's not realizing his real potential. Gain 96000 exp for asking him about the first incarnation and learning the truth about him. Absorb him. You'll get the same bonuses as before, but now you can use the Bronze Sphere. Gain 2000000 exp, learn your name, and gain the powerful Symbol of Torment.

After you kill/absorb the other Incarnations, Deionarra will appear to spirit you away. You can also rest in this room, so make sure to do so before leaving. She will take you where you ask, but it's all the same place. Talk to her first to gain her forgiveness, or not, depending on whether or not you're an unfeeling bastard who can't throw a sorrowful ghost who's been looking out for you all these years a scrap of food while you're chowing down at an all-you-can-eat buffet.


The Transcendent One

Okay, it's time for the showdown with your mortality. You'll see your dead compatriots and The Transcendent One just beyond. There's not much you can do other than talk to him. There are several different routes to victory here:

Merge with The Transcendent One:

  1. Threaten him with the Blade of the Immortal
  2. Threaten to unmake yourself with your will (min. Wis of 23)
  3. Force him to merge with you (must have activated the Bronze Sphere)

Kill yourself:

  1. Use the Blade of the Immortal
  2. Unmake yourself with your will (min. Wis of 23)

Kill The Transcendent One:

  1. Unmake him with your will (must have activated the Bronze Sphere)
  2. Kill him by yourself
  3. Resurrect one of your companions while talking to him (pick Vhailor for the easiest time as he will power up when you tell him of the great injustices your mortality is inflicting on The Planes)

"The best ending" is when you merge with The Transcendent One, because you get to resurrect all of your companions and talk with them before meeting your final judgment. You see the movie Transcendence 1, revive your friends, and then see the Finale.

If you kill yourself or The Transcendent One, you get treated to Transcendence 2, but you don't get to save your friends before the Finale kicks in.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nicholas Yu under the international Copyright laws. Please contact the author via e-mail if you wish to publish or reprint this work. Anyone attempting to pass this work off as his own will be sent to bed without dinner and laughed at, because really, who would be lame enough to pretend to have written a game FAQ?
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