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NOTE: Many of these answers contain *major spoilers*, so you may just want to skip over this section.

Q: How can I increase my stats other than gaining levels and using Characteristic Points?
A: There are two Tear items that raise +1 Con each (only if you're Lawful Good) and Xachariah's Heart raises +1 Dex. Seek out the following people for the following bonuses: O +1 Wis, Sebastion +2 Chr, Sarossa +1 Wis, Vivian +1 Chr, Ravel +1 Wis, and you will gain in attributes after merging with your other Incarnations and becoming a specialist at levels 7 and 12.
Q: How do I get Dak'kon to join my party?
A: He can be found in The Smoldering Corpse Bar in the southeast quadrant of The Hive. Just talk to him, and he'll volunteer to join you as you say your farewells.
Q: How do I get Annah to join my party?
A: She won't join you when you initially meet her. She will join you automatically after you bring the Bronze Sphere to Pharod.
Q: How do I get Fall-from-Grace to join my party?
A: Grace is the proprietress of the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts in Clerk's Ward. She will talk to you after you have met all her students (*you* are the tenth student).
Q: How do I get Ignus to join my party?
A: You'll first have to get the Decanter of Endless Water in The Drowned Nations and learn its power word from Nemelle of Clerk's Ward. Then you can go back and free Ignus and have him join your party.
Q: How do I get Nordom to join my party?
A: You first need to get to Rubikon using the Modron Cube. Nordom is somewhere in Rubikon when it is on the highest difficulty level.
Q: How do I get Vhailor to join my party?
A: Vhailor can be found after you free Trias from his chains. He is in the door *behind* the portal, so don't jump through it before talking to him.
Q: How do I find Ravel Puzzlewell?
A: First you must talk to Quell of the Sensates and learn that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. She will provide a drop of her blood for the Key to the portal to Ravel. The portal is something you commissioned at The Great Foundry long ago and the receipt is part of your legacy.
Q: Help! What do I do in The Fortress of Regrets?
A: Talk to Deionarra before heading inside. She'll tell you that the clocks are somehow significant. It turns out you left a message on the clock in the southeast room telling you to use the cannons. Trigger all four cannons, and a portal will appear in the northeast room. A few Cloudkill spells will also get the Shadows off your back (thanks again to the wonderful folks at Baldur's Gate Chronicles for their help here).
Q: How do I merge with the Practical Incarnation?
A: You need to have a Wisdom of at least 21 or else he'll absorb you. You can also just fight and kill him if it comes right down to it, but you should be able to get 21 Wisdom quite easily by playing your cards right with the Good Incarnation.
Q: How do I merge with the Paranoid Incarnation?
A: Speak to him in the language of the Uyo that you learned in Clerk's Ward from Finam or the cremated remains of his father.
Q: How do I merge with the Good Incarnation?
A: Simply talk to him, but this might not be the best idea before you find out who he *really* is.
Q: How do I use the Bronze Sphere?
A: Grill the Good Incarnation until you discover that he is the original incarnation. You'll learn many things, including your name, and get a truckload of experience. You will also be able to use the Bronze Sphere for even more happy goodness.
Q: How do I kill The Transcendent One?
A: There are ways to defeat him outside of battle, but if you really want to fight him, it can be difficult even if you merged with all the incarnations and used the Bronze Sphere. There is one path of dialogue options that will let you resurrect one of your comrades before The Transcendent One can stop you. Pick Vhailor and tell him about the great injustices being wrought. If you thought Vhailor already kicked ass, well lemme tell you, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Just make sure to cure Vhailor when he needs it (you can actually pause and then use items in inventory) and the last fight will be a cakewalk. You won't have to do any actual fighting yourself. Note that killing The Transcendent One isn't "the best ending."
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by Nicholas Yu
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