Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough




The Hive

Ah, The Hive: A seething cesspool of degenerates and low-lifes. Ain't it grand? I won't bother telling you how to fight the Hive Thugs, as you don't need any special strategies. I did notice that they were more aggressive at night, though, no doubt encouraged by the cover of darkness that conceals their nefarious deeds.


Northeast Quadrant

Depending on where you exited, you'll wind up somewhere nearby The Mortuary entrance in the northeast quad. Pox, a Collector outside The Mortuary gate, can smuggle you back in if you ever feel the need. You can talk to a few Hive dwellers to get a general feeling for the town. The Frightened Hive Dwellers are the best founts of information. There are also some random encounters with the Hive Dwellers, so yes, it is actually worth it to talk to them. Also, don't pass up opportunities to insult people or be insulted to improve Morte's Litany of Curses. It won't make you more popular, but it will make you a little bit more powerful.

I would suggest talking to a Dabus, too, as you get 1000 exp for initially comprehending their rebus language. There's also a Hive Tout in each quadrant of the town who will point out most of the significant buildings for the measly price of one copper.

Enter Angyar's House in the southeast corner. Talk to Angyar, endure his insults, but don't fight him. Instead, go to his wife to find out his troubles, and volunteer to help him get out of his Dead Contract with Mortai Gravesend. QUEST: Free Angyar from his Dead Contract and return it to him and his wife.

You may notice a pretty little tiefling near the large monument in the center of this quad. You can trade verbal barbs with her for a bit and pay her 20 coppers for information on Pharod. She'll direct you to the Alley of Dangerous Angles, southwest of here. Annah will show up under the PC section, but she won't join your party until later, so don't worry about trying to get on her good side.

You've also probably noticed the crazy running-around-all-over-the-place lady named Ingress. She accidentally hit a portal and wound up in The Hive and has been stuck here for thirty years. Tell her you'll help her out because it's most definitely worth solving this quest. QUEST: Find a way to help Ingress.

There's also a brightly-dressed man by the name of Baen the Sender outside of the black monolith to the north. Volunteer to help him. QUEST: Find Craddock for Baen the Sender. Head to the monolith to talk to the people there. The Elderly Hive Dweller had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat. Talk to Death-of-Names and find out what he does for a living besides having a really cool name. Sev'Tai will tell you about the loss of her sisters and you should decide to help her. QUEST: Help Sev'Tai get her revenge.

You'll see The Mausoleum and Shilandra's Kip north of here, but you can't do anything with either one for now.

Okay, enough dallying around and quest acquiring for now. Head towards The Gathering Dust Bar. Right outside, you'll spot a Zombie called "The Post." Read all the notices and pry out the cobblestone for 250 exp. The Post will also point out Pharod's general direction after you learn that it will point things out and inspect the graffiti. This is worth 500 exp. Time to head into the bar.

The person you'll first want to talk to is Emoric, who is the spiritual owner of The Gathering Dust Bar, for whatever that means, and resides near the back. Ask him about Pharod and agree to help discover his secret. QUEST: Find the "source" of Pharod's bodies for Emoric. Also, tell him you want to join the Dustman Faction and he'll direct you to complete tasks that Norochj gives you. QUEST: Talk to Norochj and do what Norochj asks of you. He can be found near the entrance. Don't talk to him about the posting yet, instead tell him Emoric sent you. He'll inform you of a thief disguised as a Dustman. Agree to track down the "Not-Dustman." QUEST: Track down a thief disguised as a Dustman. Now talk to him about his troubles and the posting outside. He'll tell you to investigate The Mausoleum. QUEST: Look into the matter of mausoleum's walking dead. The quests are coming thick and heavy, but that's just how you should like it. More quests = More experience. Time to talk to Mr. Gravesend, located just north of Norochj. Tell him that Angyar is not ready for the True Death and you'll get 500 exp and the contract.

Return to Angyar's home and tear up the contract. You'll receive 750 exp and his gratitude. You can now talk to Angyar and rest in his house for free. He'll also tell you about the secret to the portal in Ragpicker's Square so you can Pharod. This information is worth 500 exp. His wife will now also sell you Bandages and Needle and Thread.

You can now run to The Mausoleum and enter the portal that appears just outside, but I would suggest waiting and running a few other errands first. I personally recommend heading out the south gate to the southeast quadrant.


Southeast Quadrant

Right after you enter, head east. You should see a Damsel in Distress. She's bluffing, of course, and you can confront her about it for 500 exp. You'll also see Mourns-for-Trees, yet another guy with a cool name. You can get 500 exp for volunteering to "care." You can also talk Morte into caring, too.

A little bit further east are the three Starved Dog Barking Thugs who killed Sev'Tai's sisters. They're probably a little tough for you right now, so ignore them for a bit.

You can visit Fell's Tattoo Parlor and learn that he knows you, but you can't talk to him about too much yet and you can't afford any of his tattoos just yet. There's also nothing you can do in Ku'atraa's Warehouse yet, so your best bet is The Smoldering Corpse Bar, wherein you'll meet all manner of interesting people.

First talk to Drusilla, who'll give you a quick rundown of the joint and a healthy helping of her smart lip. Examine Ignus and you'll also find that he appears under the PC section, but you won't be able to help him for quite some time.

The next people worth talking to are Ebb Creakknees and Candrian. Ebb is a tiresome old windbag, but he might tell you some remotely useful information. Candrian is an experienced planewalker, and he will agree to help Ingress find her way home. You just need to tell her to wait for him. If you ask him about how he survived the planes of Negation, he will give you a very useful item. He'll also give you a thorough rundown on the composition of all the planes.

Run back and tell Ingress to wait for Candrian and then head back to the bar. Now talk to Candrian again for 750 exp and Ingress' Teeth. The teeth can do either crushing or piercing damage and will power up every now and then. Every time Morte levels, check to see if the teeth can evolve. They upgrade at levels 5 and 8.

Talk to Alais and get 250 exp for talking to him about the planes when asking about the other patrons. Ilquix will give you more background information, but the man you want to see now is the barkeep, Barkis, who knows you from before you lost your memory. He has your eye, but you might not have enough money to buy it yet. You can bargain him down to 300, but that's still quite a bit. I would suggest buying the eye now before you forget.

Head out the bar and go out the west gate. This will take you to the southwest quad; The Marketplace is located in the northern part of this area. Sell whatever weapons and jewelry you've acquired and don't need, and you should easily exceed 300 coppers. You can also gamble here with Gaoha if you wish. Save the rest of this quad for later and head back to the bar. Buy back your eyeball for 300 coppers and pop it in. You'll get 1000 exp and absorb some old fighting skills. Now ask Barkis about the patrons and he'll offer you a job. QUEST: Resolve a bar tab. You'll find Mochai near the east wall, trying to slip out without paying. She's not really a Dustman, but she's not the thief for whom you're searching. I spotted her 100 coppers and received 1000 exp after telling Barkis about it. According to Vikas Nagaraj, you can also poison Mochai's drink with Embalming Fluid, but I expect this is a naughty thing to do.

The Mercykillers are here hunting for a killer, but they're an unfriendly lot and I didn't really profit from talking to them. Talk to O, who claims he is a letter of the alphabet. Maybe he really is, because you can get a permanent +1 Wis from learning some of the secrets of the universe from him. Two abishai patrons are frequenting the bar and they claim to know you. Morte tells you that they're bad news, and I'm inclined to agree. They do tell you about Morte's strange Baatorian odor, though.

Now, you've no doubt noticed the cool Githzerai with the extremely cool karach blade standing alone. Now's a good time to talk to him. You'll get 1000 exp if you accept Dak'kon into your party.



Dak'kon is a *really* powerful character. As he levels up in Fighter, his already versatile karach blade just becomes more and more powerful. It's obscene, really. It evolves at Fighter levels 4, 7, and 10. He'll also provide a lot of early muscle and spellcasting power. Talk to him and gain 600 exp for learning the Githzerai language. You can also get another 500 exp by talking to him about the nature of Sigil and reminding him of his own words spoken long ago. Later on, you can even learn spells from Dak'kon, and he can train you to toggle you between Fighter and Mage once you first learn The Art.

      That's enough of the bar for now. Head back to Mourns-for-Trees and ask Dak'kon to help, too. Then ask Mourns-for-Trees about the status of trees. He'll tell you they're slightly improved and you'll get a nice 500 exp present. Also, it's worth it to find and talk to the Githzerai Townsperson who wanders around this area. Listen to the conversation between Dak'kon and the Townsperson and then afterwards, ask Dak'kon what certain expressions mean. You'll uncover the secret of Dak'kon's slavery and acquire 3000 exp. A memory worth 6000 exp will also pop into your scrambled scarred head.

You're ready for the Starving Dog Barking Thugs now, so get ready to rumble. After penning them into the Dead-Book, go back and talk to Sev-Tai. You'll get 33 coppers and an additional 250 exp. Head back to the southeast quad and ignore the Tenement of Thugs for now, you won't be able to get in. Head out the west gate.


Southwest Quadrant

As you head north from the east gate, you should see a Dustman named Ash-Mantle. Go ahead and talk to him. Don't confront him about anything yet and direct him to The Gathering Dust Bar. As you leave, if you're observant enough, you should be able to catch him picking your pocket. Allow him to do so and observe his technique for 1250 exp and improved Pick Pocket skills when you become a Thief. Grab his hand, if you're dexterous enough, and then confront him. Tell him to abandon his little charade but don't report back to Norochj just yet.

There's a poor soul in the northeast corner named Reekwind who sells stories. Take pity on the man and volunteer to help him. QUEST: Remove Reekwind's "curse of stench." This quest will be with you for awhile before you can solve, so don't feel bad. You can gain 500 exp by telling him the story of yourself.

The man selling rats outside of the Office of Vermin and Disease Control is a good source of information. Don't bother with the office just yet as you won't be able to accomplish anything there. Off to the west somewhere, you should find a man called the Crier of Es-Annon. Offer to help the holy man. QUEST: Find a tombstone for the Crier of Es-Annon.

Ignore Brasken's Kip and the Hive Dwellings. Don't ignore the latter if you plan on being the evil plundering type, though. You can talk to Iron Nalls south of The Marketplace. She'll tell you about the Lower Ward and how it's currently inaccessible due to the Dabus' tampering.

Head back to The Marketplace and sell any miscellany that you may have acquired. Now find Craddock, the giant of a man, who is in the eastern part of The Marketplace, directing the Laborers. He'll send you to find someone else. QUEST: Find Jhelai for Craddock. Run east through the gate and you'll find Jhelai wandering around in front of The Smoldering Corpse Bar. You'll get 250 exp for finding him. Report back to Craddock and you'll get 500 exp. If you tell him the truth about what Jhelai said, he'll give Morte a few additions to his repertoire of curses. You can fill in for Jhelai to be a good sport and earn 20 coins.

You're basically done here except for the equipment-selling runs you'll make to The Marketplace. Time to head out the north gate.


Northwest Quadrant

You'll immediately spot Mar, who's surrounded by dead Lim-Lims. Remember that. Talk to him and accept his job and he'll run off laughing. QUEST: Deliver box to Ku'atraa.

There's also a gruff man out here with a fork by the name of One-Ear (the man, not the fork). There's also a man here by the name of Fleece, and you'll find that he's aptly named. He's a pickpocket, of course, and you can again observe his technique for a few pointers and 1250 exp. Grab his hand, give him a smack, and take your coins back. Now talk to the man named Porphiron and ask him about his woes. Agree to recover his prayer beads. QUEST: Retrieve Porphiron's necklace.

That's good for now, head into The Flophouse. Talk to Arlo the owner and agree to help evict Nestor. QUEST: Get rid of Nestor for Arlo, the Flophouse Slumlord. Talk to Nestor and try to make sense of his incoherent ramblings. Agree to help him. QUEST: Find Nestor's fork. You know who has it, of course. Beat One-Ear around like a redheaded stepchild and give Nestor his fork back. You'll get 500 exp and an Obsidian Earring from him, and another 500 exp and free rent from Arlo.

Now you have a ton of quests hanging over your head. Time to solve a few of them, what?


Hive Quest Wrap-Up

Head east to the northeast quadrant first. First talk to Death-of-Names and ask him to bury the name of Es-Annon. This will net you 500 exp. Now find Baen the Sender and tell him you were successful. This will get you 500 exp and 15 commons. Head into The Gathering Dust Bar and report to Norochj on Ash-Mantle. You'll get 750 exp for solving this quest.

Now head into the southeastern quadrant. Head into the Warehouse to deliver the box. Unfortunately, Ku'atraa won't accept it and will send you to find someone else. You'll get 250 exp for this. QUEST: Deliver box to Brasken. Also, while you're here, confront the thugs who took Porphiron's necklace. They're the ones dressed in red to the west of the bar. I got 500 exp for bluffing them out of it, which is more exp than killing them for it. You can get another 250 exp and a few coppers.

Now go west, young man, into the southwest quad. Let the Crier of Es-Annon know the good news and you'll receive 500 exp. Brasken's Kip is also nearby, so this is a good time to see him. You'll get another 250 exp but be sent off again. QUEST: Deliver box to Shilandra. Head north to the northwest quadrant.

Return Porphiron's necklace to him for 1000 exp. He will now also train you as a Fighter and help you get up to two levels in any given weapon proficiency. Head into the northeast quad. Visit with Shilandra in her kip and get 250 exp. QUEST: Go to cathedral located at the center of the Hive. Head over to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.


Alley of Dangerous Angles

Two rival gangs, the Razor Angels and the Darkalley Shivs, make the Alley their home. You can choose to ally yourself with either one, depending on whether you'd rather be good or bad, respectively. Don't bother with them yet, though, instead look for the ruined cathedral in the southeast corner.

Now, the entrance to the ruined cathedral is *really* frustrating to find. It's hidden on the southeast side, where the outer upper wall ends in a corner. You may have to resort to slowly panning your pointer across the cathedral until you see the door icon. Aola, the priest of Asokar, will rid you of the box for 1000 exp, but he'll keep the gem as payment for his services. QUEST: Talk to Mar about the box. You can also get into trouble with the Lady of Pain here if you decide to worship Asokar.

Instead, head into the middle of the Alley. Inside some ruins to the north, you'll meet the dangerous Blackrose. I told him I was on the side of good, so I was told to kill the leader of the Darkalley Shivs. QUEST: Blackrose wants Rotten William dead. Now talk to the leader of the Razor Angels, Krystall. She'll also offer you a quest to do the same task. QUEST: Krystall wants Rotten William dead.

You can just sit back and watch the gang members kill each other, but each Shiv that dies is less experience for you. Go knock off Rotten William and his goons, and then report back to Krystall first. You'll get 1500 exp, free passage through the Alley, and the chance at another task. QUEST: Krystall wants Blackrose dead.

Now report to Blackrose and get another 1500 exp. Now refuse to kill Krystall and take him down. You'll get another 1500 exp from Krystall for killing Blackrose and a tidy sum of coins.

Now venture into the burnt building in the south. You'll meet the feckless Rauk who needs your help. QUEST: Rauk needs you to fetch three rings from his tent. Rauk's items are actually stored in, not one, but three, separate tents. The first tent you should search is right across from the burnt building. You'll find a bronze ring hidden underneath the bench. The next tent is nearby to the east. There's a woman looking for the silver ring here, but she didn't find it. It's hidden in the firewood by the stove. The last tent is near Krystall's location. The gold ring can be found in the middle plank of the bed. Now give Rauk the rings so the Mages can complete their summons. That's one ferocious Lim-Lim. You'll get 500 exp and can pick the items off of the dead Mages. You're done with the Alley, you can go back and tell Annah off if you wish for sending you into such a dangerous area.

It's just about time for the Mausoleum, but you need to give Mar a stern talking-to first. Head to the northwest quad. You can follow the dead Lim-Lims into a small building where Mar is hiding in the dark. You'll get 1250 exp for this conversation.

By this time I was carrying a bunch of nice expensive jewelry, so I went back and sold and identified things. You should have a decent amount of jink-jink, too (I had over 3000 coppers at this point), so I decided to treat myself to a nice Tattoo of Action. Also, don't forget that Dak'kon and Annah are also able to wear tattoos. Okay, we've put this last quest off long enough: It's time to tackle The Mausoleum. Enter through the portal in the northeast quad.


The Mausoleum

You'll be accosted immediately by The Mausoleum's Guardian Spirit. Agree to help him out and he'll agree not to kick your scarred booty. QUEST: Defeat the intruder for the Guardian Spirit.

This is a pretty straightforward area. Just wind your way through the passageways, not forgetting to search the opened graves where the Skeletons are digging, and defeat various undead until you get down to the southeast exit. There will be a few Giant Skeletons here to make life interesting, but you should be able to handle them with relative ease after powering up on all those quests. The undead will repopulate every now and then, so don't be surprised to see monsters in areas you thought you had cleared out. There are also a few traps, but they do really insignificant damage.

After putting the dead to rest, find your way to the southwest corner. There you'll find an entrance to The Mausoleum Inner Chamber. There's no way you can avoid a fight with Strahan Runeshadow, so you might as well enjoy it. If you kill him, all of his undead minions will immediately follow him into oblivion. Search his room for a few useful items and then head out the door. The Guardian Spirit will reward you with 2000 exp. Leave The Mausoleum and enter The Gathering Dust Bar.

Exchange words with Norochj and you'll get 1000 exp and 100 coppers for solving his problem. Now chat with Emoric and tell him you've helped out Norochj. Tell him that you'd like to see more of the faction before making a decision about joining. He'll direct you towards Awaiting-Death. QUEST: Speak to Awaiting Death on behalf of Emoric. He can be found hiding at the bottom of the bar, south of Norochj. Give him a fresh perspective on life (you may have to kill yourself to prove your words) and receive 500 exp. Talk to Emoric again, get 250 exp, and learn about another depressed Dustman. QUEST: Speak to Sere on behalf of Emoric. Sere the Skeptic is, well, a skeptic; but you can force her to confront her beliefs and consider her latest woes as a test. This earns you 500 exp. Go back to Emoric and receive another 500 exp. Emoric will know tell you of Soego who has disappeared while serving as a missionary. QUEST: Find Soego for Emoric.

Enough of this blather, Pharod has evaded you long enough. It's time for Ragpicker's Square!


Ragpicker's Square

Ragpicker's Square is located north of the northwest quad. It's probably the seediest place in all The Hive; but hey, it's somebody's home.

The first person you'll want to talk to is Yellow-Fingers. He's a bit on the greedy side, but you can finagle something useful out of him. If you toss enough money his way, he'll grudgingly give you some information and agree to show you how to find Pharod. You won't need to do this, though, as you have already received advice from Angyar, not to mention the excellent FAQ you are currently reading. It's possible that Yellow-Fingers just pockets your money and walks off, as I was never able to meet with him afterwards.

The next Collector you should seek out is Marrow-Friend. He's a bit on the barmy side, but you can finagle something useful out of him. You can let him bite you in exchange for the fingerbone he's been chewing on. The ring is cursed, but who cares? It gives +2 to your AC, so you won't want to take it off anytime in the foreseeable future.

The next Collector you should seek out is Nodd. He's a bit on the grungy side, but you can finagle something useful out of him. He'll give you some useful information and a sob story about his sister Amarysse. Agree to help him. QUEST: Find Amarysse for Nodd.

Before you go running off to help Nodd, head into the hut to the north, namely the midwife's hut. Therein you'll meet Old Mebbeth, a crazy and mysterious old crone. She provides free healing, lets you rest in your hut, provides a plethora of useful information, sells items and identifies objects, and, last but not least, is a witch who can teach you The Art. She wants you to do some menial tasks for her first, though. QUESTS: Learn the ways of the Art from Mebbeth, and Find the herbs that Mebbeth needs.

There are some Cranium Rats you can kill in an unmarked building to the south of Sharegrave's Kip. Polish them off and collect their tails.

Now head over to Sharegrave's Kip and talk to Ratbone who's standing out front. He'll train you as a thief for 50 coppers, but it's worth it. You'll get exp according to your Wisdom (with a Wis of 16, I earned 3438 exp). Now head inside and talk to Sharegrave. He's also interested in Pharod's whereabouts and activities. You can help him out if you want. QUEST: Find out where Pharod's corpses are coming from for the man in Ragpicker's Square.

You have enough to keep you busy for awhile, so head back to the northwest quad. Either let Dak'kon or Porphiron lead you back on the path of the warrior. Head out to the southwest quad.

In The Marketplace, talk to one of the fat merchants who deals in spices and ask about Mebbeth's herbs. You'll get 500 exp but he won't be able to help you and will recommend you talk to a gardener instead. QUEST: Find a gardener who has Mebbeth's herbs. Now is also a good time to visit The Office of Vermin and Disease Control. You'll meet Phineas T. Lort XXXIX, a pretentious old windbag, but endure his flimflammery, learn a few things, and sell your cranium rat tails. It's back to the southeast quad with you.

You'll find Amarysse opposite the entrance to The Smoldering Corpse Bar. She's the harlot with black hair and dressed in violet. She'll give you some copper to give to Nodd. Now go talk to Mourns-for-Trees and ask him about the seeds. You'll gain 500 exp for willing the seed to grow. Head back to Ragpicker's Square.

Pass on Amarysse's coppers and regards to Nodd for a nifty 750 exp. Give Mebbeth her herbs for an additional 500 exp. Get another 750 exp for making it into a picture frame with your thoughts alone. She'll now send you on another errand. QUEST: Get Mebbeth's wash from Giscorl.

You guessed it, back to the southwest quad. Giscorl can be found among the Hive Merchants. You can pick up Mebbeth's wash for 500 exp. Yup, back to Ragpicker's Square. It's worth 500 exp to return Mebbeth's wash. Yay, yet another visit to The Marketplace awaits. QUEST: Get ink for Mebbeth from Kossah-Jai. Unfortunately, Kossah-Jai sells fish, not ink; however, she can point you in the right direction. QUEST: Find Meir'am, get the ink for Mebbeth. Fortunately, Meir'am's not too difficult to find. She's south of The Marketplace against the east wall of the Office of Vermin and Disease Control. Well, now you need a container to carry the ink in. Head back to The Marketplace and talk to the flirtatious Hive Merchant. Purchase a tankard from her and return to Meir'am. She'll fill your tankard with ink. QUEST: Deliver ink to Mebbeth. Thank her and leave. Return to Mebbeth once again and give her the ink for 1000 exp.


Mage Interlude

At long last, Mebbeth will be ready to teach you The Art. Gain 2000 exp for accepting her tutelage. She'll give you some spells to start off with, 5000 exp, and a really powerful earring for mages. Mebbeth will also now start selling a large variety of low level spells.

Now is a good time for an interlude with Dak'kon. If your Wisdom isn't 18, go buy a Tattoo of the Soul. Talk to Dak'kon about The Art and ask him to teach you using Way of Zerthimon. You will now be able to use The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon from the inventory screen. Each time you read a circle and talk to Dak'kon about it, you should get access to the next circle (provided you learned the correct lesson). Learning the lessons of the First Circle will profit you 300 exp. Learning the lessons of the Second Circle will profit you 600 exp and the spell Scripture of Steel. Learning the lessons of the Third Circle will profit you 900 exp and the spell Submerge the Will. Learning the lessons of the Fourth Circle will profit you 1500 exp and the spell Vilquar's Eye. Learning the lessons of the Fifth Circle will profit you 3000 exp and the spell Power of One. Learning the lessons of the Sixth Circle will profit you 6000 exp and two copies of the spell Balance in All Things. The spell I really wanted to learn, of course, was Reign of Anger; but unfortunately you don't learn any spells from the First Circle. Bug? Oversight?

You can go back and look at the Circle some more and puzzle out new combinations for 3000 exp. You need 19 Wisdom to understand the Seventh Circle, so you may not be able to do any of this yet. Doing so will get you 5000 exp and two copies of the spell Missile of Patience. If you're a specialist Mage, you can figure out yet another combination for 6000 exp. Learning the Eighth Circle and sharing it with Dak'kon gives you 10000 + 10000 exp. You'll get two copies of the spell Zerthimon's Focus, but more importantly, Dak'kon will become even more of a bad *shut your mouth*. He'll increase in Str, Dex, and Con. Thanks to Brian Brown for clueing me into this. After this interlude (I think this is a really cool word and like to use it a lot. (Don't use it in casual conversation though, or people will think you're a pretentious bastard. (And they'd be right. (I also like to use parentheses in pointless editorial comments.)))), I went back to being a Fighter.

      Okay, you're ready to find Pharod. Head west and hop onto the dilapidated wooden bridges. Follow them all the way through to the north and east until you come to a dead end. As you approach the archway, thrust forward a piece of junk and a portal should appear. Jump through and enter the doorway to The Trash Warrens.

Trash Warrens

Anamoli will come up and greet you in a hostile fashion. It's probably not worth it to tangle with his crew as you will be doing enough fighting in here as is. Most of the Thugs here will attack you on sight.

If you head south and then east, you'll spot a hostile Buried Villager who will run away at first sight. Follow her back and wipe out her cronies. Now head across the way to a chamber on the west side. There are three Thugs there, but you're not interested in them. There's a crate there that holds some Tails and a Cranium Rat Charm, which will serve as a Key.

Turns out the hostile Villagers were guarding a portal to a bunch of Cranium Rats. Maybe the Buried Villagers were subjugated, or something. Approach the archway that was behind the band of Villagers, and the portal should open. Watch out, these Rats will sling some low level spells at you, but they still shouldn't be that great a threat. Raid the room and collect the tails, then exit through the portal.

Head southeast until you find a bunch of Thugs led by a man named Bish. He'll run up and approach you. Just tell him that you want to see Pharod and he'll let you through. This will also give you 1200 exp. Don't head down those stairs just yet though, there are a few more things worth doing.

Finish exploring the rest of the Warrens and fight off any Thugs who attack you. If they weren't so aggressive, they'd probably still be alive. I guess none of their mommas ever told them, "Don't start none, won't be none." There'll be a lone hostile Collector somewhere to the east, south of the crate you found earlier. After you attack him, however, a gang of Thugs will emerge from the shadows. Teach them a lesson in humility. When you're done exploring the Warrens, head back out to the southwest quad.

Sell off any extra items before heading into The Office of Vermin and Disease Control. Sell all your newly acquired Tails to Phineas. Finish selling them and then conclude the conversation, then talk to him again. He'll give you a mission, should you choose to accept it. *insert theme from Mission: Impossible* QUEST: Kill the wererat in Phineas' basement. The wererat isn't too difficult to kill, and you can bust open a crate down here, too. Head back up to collect your 1000 exp and copper reward.

You've tied up all the loose ends that you need to, so it's time to go delving down under for Pharod. Go back through the portal in Ragpicker's Square and head down the stairs beyond Bish. You're in the underworld now, baby.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nicholas Yu under the international Copyright laws. Please contact the author via e-mail if you wish to publish or reprint this work. Anyone attempting to pass this work off as his own will be sent to bed without dinner and laughed at, because really, who would be lame enough to pretend to have written a game FAQ?
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