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The Mortuary

Welcome to The Mortuary, deader. Wait, you're not dead. At least that's what the talking floating skull says. Let's find out about him for a bit.



Morte is a pain in the arse, but he's a useful ally and makes some truly hilarious comments throughout the course of the game. As the instruction manual says, his Litany of Curses is an excellent ability, especially against spellcasters. Make sure to expose him to as many insults as possible through dialogue options. He'll let you know when his Litany of Curses has improved. He's not that great a Fighter right now, but he'll get quite a bit better much further into the game. More on that later.

    All right, your first task is to find a scalpel, so you can make mincemeat out of some Zombies. Simply search all of the desks and shelves in the room until you hit paydirt. You should get 2 Bandages and the Scalpel from the desks on the northern wall. As for the Zombies, you can examine them instead to find the one with the Key, but you might as well attack the rest for the Bandages and experience. Proceed to head out the northwest door. Time to explore: Don't forget to search everything you can and talk to everyone! You will also be assigned your first two quests, neither of which you'll solve for quite some time. QUESTS: Find "Pharod" and Find your missing journal. NOTE: If you're absolutely sure you won't need a particular Zombie again in the future, go ahead and kill it for the experience. It's an easy 65 exp per Zombie; it's not much, but every little bit helps, especially with a high Wisdom score.

In the next room, you'll start a new journal and learn a little bit about the world around you by examining Zombie 965. Not much to do here except head through the next door to the north.

You can snag the Receiving Room Log Book from a desk in this room. Another desk will contain some fist irons and a few coppers. Examining corpse 396 will net you some more Bandages. You can use your Scalpel on Zombie 1201 for a note and 250 exp. Use the note and decipher the simple code: upper right, lower right, upper left, upper right. You'll get 250 exp and a Triangle Earring. Ignore Morte's warnings and talk to Dhall, you'll learn some interesting things from him. After chatting with him a bit, head out the northeast door. Take a page from corpse 1664 in this room to learn about your arrival. Next room, please!

Zombie worker 985 can be manipulated so that you acquire its arm as a club. Ugh. 506 can be sliced open with the Scalpel for 100 exp and some Needle and Thread. Talk (well, sort of) to Ei-Vene for a quest to bring her Needle and Thread (which you should already have) and a Jar of Embalming Fluid! QUEST: Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene. Head southeast now.

Zombie 821 is a strange one. In fact, he's not really a Zombie at all but an Anarchist spy. He'll tell you that you can escape through a portal in the northwest room of the first floor, provided that you have a crooked finger bone that you can acquire upstairs. That knowledge is worth 250 exp. The Anarchist spy will also disguise you as a Zombie if you bring him a Needle and Thread and a Jar of Embalming Fluid. Head south.

You will find a couple of Jars of Embalming Fluid in this room, as well as the stairs leading up. But before you do that, head back to Ei-Vene. You can watch her operate and recover a memory about a corpse labeled 42 and gain 250 exp. Give her the items for 250 exp and +1 max HP if you pretend to be a Zombie. Head back to and up to the stairs you saw earlier.

You'll bump into Dustmen for the first time, and you can get 15 exp for snapping their necks (this can only be done if your Dex is sufficiently high enough) after they start to have suspicions about you. You get 15 exp for doing this, but you'll get an addition 250 exp the first time you do so as the experience tingles your memory. You can get some decently passable items and a great many things to sell (the jewelry) this way, not to mention Dustman Robes if you want a disguise. Go to the northernmost room and search for all the goodies (you can bash in the jammed desk). Just outside this room, you should find a Needle and Thread and a piece of Junk (worth holding onto). Inside the locked desk (which you can bash in), you'll find few useful items, one of which will be a Bone Charm -- the Key necessary to activate the portal on the first floor. You can acquire the Mortuary Sanctum Key from a bookshelf outside the western staircase. There is another set of Needle and Thread as well as another piece of Junk outside the eastern staircase, but you only really need a single piece of Junk. Head to the southern storage room and examine Zombie 79 closely. You'll get a nice Iron Prybar -- it helps you force things open -- in this room as well as an interesting note telling you that corpse 42 is a Skeleton. Now wander around examining the Skeletons. Skeleton 863 in the northwest contains a largely useless reminder message. You can get Leather Straps (if you're into that sort of thing) and Iron Spikes by prying Skeletons apart after you've examined them. I never found a use for the strap and the spike is not that great a weapon, so I don't really see the point of this activity. I found Skeleton 42 wandering about outside the eastern staircase. You'll get 250 exp for recovering your items.

Go back to the Anarchist spy and have him disguise you for 500 exp. The disguise is not so important as the exp. You can now tell Dhall about the Anarchist spy for another 250 exp. Head back to the Southeast Preparation Room and bash open the desk next to the stairs. You'll find an earring there whose secret you can unlock with the information you learned from Zombie 79. This is worth 250 exp and identifies the item. Time to head down to the first floor.

You'll get 35 + 250 exp for each Dustman Guard you strangle, so I'd suggest doing this if you're not disguised or if you want some nice easy exp. You can also get 500 exp if you manage to convince the strangely sickly Soego to unlock the front door for you. Head to the Northwest Memorial Hall to talk to Deionarra. You'll gain 1000 exp for re-learning how to raise dead comrades. You'll also get another 500 exp if you get her to tell you about escaping The Mortuary through portals. From Zombie 732 in the Southeast Memorial Hall, you can acquire the useful Tome of Bone and Ash.

By inspecting and then dismantling the Giant Skeletons in the main room, you'll gain 800 exp and a Rune item (a spell) for each. You can get 500 exp for figuring out how to destroy them on your own without the Tome. Doing this for all of the giant Skeletons is definitely worth the time and effort. There's also a decent axe hanging on the northern wall. You can now leave out the front door, but I'd suggest heading back to the Northwest Memorial Hall; just head to the middle archway north of Deionarra, and the portal should open up when you get in the general vicinity.

Some scary shadows will appear a step behind you, but forget them for now and pick up the items in the hidden room. You can rest up here if you need to and leave out the southwest whenever you're ready to tackle The Hive.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
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