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The Underworld

The Underworld and Upper Wards are basically the second third of the game (disc 3), The Hive being the first third (disc 2), and the as-of-yet-undiscovered areas the final third (disc 4). So congratulations, you're one-third of the way there.


Buried Village

Okay, I lied. I know I talked a lot about how scummy The Alley of Dangerous Angles and Ragpicker's Square were, but Buried Village takes the cake in terms of scumacity (a word I just now made up to good effect). There's absolutely no point in talking to any of the unnamed Villagers. They're an ignorant unfriendly lot, so they can sod off.

I would heartily recommend Marta the Seamstress' home first; it can be found on the west side of town. Marta's a batty one, all right, but she can be quite helpful. She has the unenviable job of removing everything from the corpses so the items can be sold individually before the corpses are toted off to the Dustmen. She'll also help you in searching your innards for any "thingies." You'll hit paydirt if you ask her to examine your intestines. It's worth 500 exp and two items: A Twisted Ring (+1 AC) and your intestines (useful later). She also sells a few items, the most important one being Teeth of the Viper, a decent weapon for Morte. She'll also let you rest in her home whenever you wish.

You can check out Quint's Shop to the north next. He sells a couple of items which may of interest, the Angle-Less-Eye and the Shamanic Rod. It's worth buying the Angle-Less-Eye and replacing your original Eyeball with it (hang onto your eyeball). Some people also got a quest from Quint to find a Necklace that's located outside of Marta's, but he never talked to me about it.

Talk to the man outside Ojo the Leatherhead's home. His name is Ku'u yin and he has a really strange problem. Evidently, a woman named Radine has stolen Ku'u Yin's name and number, and he is helpless without it. QUEST: Recover Ku'u Yin's number from Radine. Now go talk to Radine, she's south of here. You can ask her for the name and number back. You'll get 250 exp for this good deed. Get 2500 exp for giving Ku'u Yin his name and number. Accept his magical number tattoo as reward.

Go ahead and enter Ojo's home now. I was unable to do much here except determine that he talks to someone in the wall. I surmise that it's a cranium rat, or possibly a ghoul, due to the chewing of the rags in his kip and the bite on Ojo's hand, but I have been unable to ferret out his secret. If you know anything about this, please drop me a line via e-mail.

Walk over to the east side of town and talk to a collector by the name of Uhir. He'll tell you about how he lost his favorite knife; agree to recover it for him. QUEST: Find and return Uhir's 'lucky knife.'

If you check out the southeast gate and listen to the conversation between Barr and his Guards, you'll hear them talking about the disappearance and presumed death of a local named Gris. Apparently, he has quite a stash tucked away somewhere.

That's about all there is to Buried Village. Head to the northeast gate and talk to the Guards. They'll tell you to watch yourself in Pharod's Court. Well, it's time to finally meet Pharod! Head in and strike up a conversation with Pharod. Pharod will agree to tell you about yourself provided that you bring him a bronze sphere. QUEST: Get Bronze Sphere for Pharod. Before you run off to do this quest, though, ask him some pertinent questions. You can learn from Pharod the secret of his never-ending supply of bodies. I lied to him, because I wanted to go get experience from Sharegrave and Emoric.

Speaking of whom, this is as good a time as any to run back up to Ragpicker's Square. You'll get 750 exp and some coppers for tattling on Pharod to Sharegrave. Head to the northeast quad and rat Pharod out to Emoric, too. This will net you 2500 exp and hundreds of copper. Back to Buried Village with you. Head to the southeast gate and talk to Barr. He'll let you through now.


The Weeping Stone Catacombs

The Catacombs are filled with angry critters in the form of various Rats, undead, and Lesser Vargouilles. The Cranium Rats, in large groups, will start casting more dangerous spells like Ball Lightning. Fortunately, in each group, there will only be one Rat who casts spells. After you identify and locate this particular Rat, you can just take him out with a Magic Missile.

There are a lot of exits here, but I wouldn't recommend exploring any of them just yet. Just walk around killing monsters and exploring the entire map for now. You've no doubt noticed that you can examine all the corpses on the ground. It's rather pointless right now, but it will be important later on.

In the course of your exploration (on the west), you'll be greeted by one of the stone faces. The face, Glyve by name, needs your help. He tells you to talk to an artist by the name of Chad for more details. QUEST: Find the Decanter of Endless Water.

Okay, you're ready to start entering some of these doors now. I recommend hitting The Crypt of the Embraced first. Open up the large coffin in the middle, you'll be immediately beset by a trio of tough ghouls. Turns out that you've found the remains of Gris. He does have a Hell of a tale to tell, but you can't understand it just yet.

Go ahead and enter The Shattered Crypt now. Once you walk into the center of the room, you'll be ambushed by a large contingent of Lesser Vargouilles. Search the room for some really good treasure, including the Punch Daggers of Moorin, the second best weapon for Annah and one you can use in the meanwhile.

Off to The Crypt of Dismemberment. This is probably one place where it'd be nice to be a Thief as the top room is trapped, but oh well. I just ran through the traps until I got to the stairs in the northwest. You can open up the tomb in the middle, but there's nothing in there of worth. Head downstairs and make sure your lunch stays down. A few Cranium Rats who seem to be feeding on the Big Pile o' Gore in the center of the room flee at your approach; but no matter, there is one corpse off to the right that seems newer. Examine it and take the Severed Arm. Identify the Arm and learn that it used to be yours. There are some interesting tattoos on there, but that can wait for now. You're done here.

Journey to The Mosaic Crypt. This is a pretty crypt, but it's also trapped. You can raid the tomb for items, but there's supposed to be some great secret in this crypt, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

That's good for now. You're ready for The Dead Nations. Insert Disc 3, baby!


The Dead Nations

Whoa, that's a whole bunch of undead. Hargrimm the Bleak, priest of The Silent King will order you to submit. It's best to go along for now. In the chapel, you'll find the missing Dustman Soego. You can rest here if you wish. Soego's bed can be pried open but not while Soego is in the room. Hey kids, it's time to explore! There are plenty of items to find here and many containers to bash in or pick.

You can talk to Hargrimm, but no amount of pleading or cajoling will get you free or an audience with his master, The Silent King. Hargrimm is full of a heapload of useful tidbits, though.

I started wandering by swinging east first. I bumped into a Puzzled Skeleton. He'll pose a very difficult riddle, and I wasn't able to correctly reply. Head west and you'll bump into a Nameless Zombie, but you won't be able to communicate with her. If you keep on west, you'll run into a little cul-de-sac. Remember this area for later. For now, turn around and go south when you can. There's a Doubtful Skeleton in the hallway to whom you should talk. He's debating the Dustmen idea of the True Death.

Head west into the zombie area. You'll meet the wise Stale Mary and can communicate with her if you have a high enough Wisdom. If you don't, Hargrimm will teach you to listen to her correctly. Ask her to teach you how to communicate with the other undead, and you'll learn Stories-Bones-Tell, not to mention gain 3750 exp.

Go east from here and you'll find a Skeleton Merchant. I guess even the undead have consumer needs. Go back and talk to the Nameless Zombie. You can accept her quest (QUEST: Find the Nameless Zombie her name) but I just talked her into taking a new name and thinking one up for her for 5000 exp.

Now head south towards where you entered, past the Doubting Skeleton. You should meet and greet the Riddling Skeleton. You can challenge him to a riddle- off. You get 625 exp for solving his first riddle, 1250 for the second, 1875 for the third, and then 2500 to get the answer to his stumper. You need a high Wisdom score to solve his riddles. You can go back and tell the Puzzled Skeleton, but it won't net you anything.

Just east of the Riddling Skeleton is Acaste and her posse of ravenous slavering ghouls. The only interesting thing you'll learn from her is that Soego smells of "blooded rat." Wandering around to the east is a Knifed Ghoul. He has Uhir's knife and is willing to part with it for 6 Cranium Rat Tails. You'll get 600 exp for acquiring the knife. You can visit the antechamber of the Silent King's throne room, but you won't be able to get in without fighting off all of the inhabitants of The Dead Nations.

The next thing you should do is talk to Soego. Distract him by telling him about the Doubting Skeleton. After he leaves, pry open the metal slab and have a peek at his journal for 2000 exp. Confront Soego and he'll transform and attack you. Kill him and make sure you hold onto his skull. Then go tell Hargrimm for 3750 exp. Unfortunately, he still won't release you from your bondage unless you prove yourself some more. QUEST: Seek out and slay any cranium rats in the Dead Nations.

Remember the cul-de-sac? Head there now. You'll meet and beat 6 Cranium Rats who have snuck into The Dead Nations. This is an excellent source of Tails if you didn't have enough to satisfy the Knifed Ghoul earlier. Hargrimm will again reward you with 3750 exp; however, this time he will grant you your freedom as well to the tune of 7500 exp. Hargrimm will now let you buy healing and rest whenever you ask.

Head out into The Weeping Stone Catacombs for a brief moment and talk to the corpse lying on the ground right outside. Turns out it's Chad, the artist whom the stone face Glyve mentioned. Before Chad will help you, though, he wants some Vargouilles dead. QUEST: Kill Vargouilles to prevent the corpse of Chad from becoming a Vargouille himself. Just head east and northwest until you run into the area that the Vargouilles frequent. Kill them and return to Chad for 3750 exp and directions to the Decanter of Endless Water.

You can also talk to one of the corpses by the exit back to Buried Village. It turns out his name is Burt and he was a companion of Gris, along with someone named Lowden. Lowden ran off into The Crypt of Dismemberment, and presumably he is the one from whom you acquired your arm. Now enter The Crypt of the Embraced again. With your newfound skill, you can now communicate with Gris and hear his story. He'll also tell you that The Mosaic Crypt has a secret about it and "it smells different." He'll also tell you about a secret chamber in The Drowned Nations that he can't enter. He will tell you that his stash is hidden near his kip, to the right of Ojo's home. Vikas Nagaraj clued me in to the fact that the stash is actually located down and to the left of Ojo's home near a door-like object. I checked this out, but it didn't seem to warrant being called much of a treasure trove. Maybe it has something to do with Ojo's friend in the wall?

So much for your brief foray back into the Catacombs, head back into The Dead Nations. This is now a good time to tackle The Drowned Nations. It's accessible through the doorway opposite the entrance to The Weeping Stone Catacombs.


The Drowned Nations

There are lots of hidden goodies stashed away in various containers, so don't forget to keep clicking on everything you can. There is an exit to The Warrens of Thought nearby, but don't go through there. There are lots of different ways to go, but here's the way I took.

Go east into the next room, you'll see two Ghouls held at bay by a Trocopotaca. It's guarding a corpse, and they want you to kill it in exchange for whatever the corpse has. Now go all the way west and then south into another room. Empty room (except for some items you can find). Turn around and then head south down the main passageway. Help the gang of Ghouls defeat the Trocopotaca.

Go north of here. Three Trocopotacas for you to exterminate, one of them is already wounded. Go all the way west with a slight southerly slant. There'll be another two Ghouls fighting a Trocopotaca. Go back the way you came until you can turn south. You'll bump into two Ghouls who suddenly drop dead.

Go south again. You'll see a group of Lesser Vargouilles ganging up on a Trocopotaca. I'd advise attacking the Vargouilles first to thin their ranks. Head east. At first there will only appear to be a single Trocopotaca here, but Lesser Vargouilles will quickly emerge. Keep going east until you find a pair of Trocopotacas. Eradicate them at your leisure and then claim your prize from the corpse. It's the Bronze Sphere Pharod desires.

Okay, go back to the last intersection you haven't explored and then head east into a cross-shaped room. Two Ghouls are attempting to set a trap. I just sprung it and killed the Lesser Vargouilles that appeared. Go east into a very damp room.

This is the room to which Chad directed you. The corpse lying in the middle of the room doesn't have the Decanter. Just look slightly north, though, and you'll see a pile of items. Fight off The Lesser Vargouilles and take the treasure. There are a *lot* of Vargouilles here, so you may have to grab the items and run. Among those items is, of course, the Decanter. Congratulations.

Before you leave The Drowned Nations, there is one last area you can do. You will have an area on your map marked "sealed passageway." It's back where you found the Bronze Sphere and I believe it is the chamber that Gris couldn't figure out how to open. If you want to get this area out of the way, head back there now. You might as well do it, so you don't have to come back this way later. Enter through the sealed passageway and go it alone.


Secret Tomb

This is a heavily trapped area that only The Nameless One can solve (since it requires dying a few times). There may be a more elegant way to figure this tomb out, but I never bothered. :) There are a few items you can find, but nothing all that important. Many of the containers contain traps nearby, too. It would be useful to be a Thief here, so you can see where all the traps are; but the important traps are in the center of the blade emblems (it's the mark of torment, but you shouldn't know that yet) on the floor. There are four of them each, located outside an entrance to the middle room.

The first thing you want to do is head towards the middle room, taking care to step around the mighty lightning trap. You will be teleported to the northwest room. Tomb Key1 can be found inside the tomb in the middle of this room. Now go ahead and die. The big lightning trap is the easiest way to do this.

When you die, you return to the tomb's entrance. Head back towards the middle room again. Now that you have Tomb Key1, you'll be transported off to the southeast room instead. Again, raid the tomb for Tomb Key2. Now die to return to the entrance.

Head back to the middle room and be teleported to the southwest room. Again, open the tomb to retrieve Tomb Key3. Rinse, repeat, and die to return to the entrance. Head to the middle one more time, and this time you'll be let through.

Examine all of the writing on the wall, starting with the west corner. Push each panel so that there is a click behind you. The second from the left is pretty important, read it all the way through. There are 8 panels in all. Now go examine the sarcophagus and open it up. Congratulations, you have found and read your missing journal.

Move into the southwest room and you'll be teleported to a new location. There is a box full of goodness and a portal to take you out. Don't forget to pick up Morte and Dak'kon before heading all the way back to The Dead Nations. Have a chat with Morte about the line he omitted from your back. You'll gain 1000 exp.

Tie up any loose ends here, because this may be your last chance to do so. exp for confronting him about it. If you want to be honorable and just, skip to section vi. Aftermath.


The Warrens of Thought

Head back into the Weeping Stone Catacombs and make your first stop Glyve. Put him out of his misery and receive 5000 exp. He'll tell you that the woman Nemelle in Clerk's Ward knows the power word for the Decanter. I was no longer Lawful Good after doing the next section, so I went back to a previously saved game. If this doesn't bother you in the least, then I'd recommend doing this.

If you want to, head into The Warrens of Thought. You'll be greeted immediately by Mantuok, the voice of Many-As-One. He's got a poor temper and an itchy trigger finger. The only way I know to get past him is by saying Soego sent me, but maybe a Cheese item would have bribed him. There's also a Poisoned Cheese item, but I never tried it. If you know anything more about this, please send me an e-mail so I can elucidate anyone else who may be in the dark about this matter.

If you get captured, just talk to the Wererat Guard to let you out. If Annah is in your party at this time, a Wererat friendly to Buried Village will free you. If you manage to fast talk past Mantuok, he'll escort you to the formidable Many-As-One. The only way you can get out of a fight here is to agree to do its bidding. QUEST: Discover the weaknesses of the Silent King for Many-as-One.

Assuming you did this part (and I didn't), head back to The Dead Nations. I don't think there's any other way to do this other than killing the Royal Guards who protect the entrance to the throne room. You'll also have to knock off Hargrimm as he carries the Key. I would suggest attacking Hargrimm first as he is the only spellcaster you'll face here.

If your Charisma is high enough, Stale Mary will open a portal to the Throne Room of The Silent King. There, you find out that The Silent King accepted the True Death and passed away. If you're Dexterous enough, you can do a little sleight of hand and exchange his skull for an ordinary one. Basically, Hargrimm and Stale Mary covered this up to keep Acaste and Many-as-One in check. Thanks to Brian Brown and Vikas Nagaraj for informing me about this branch. Vikas Nagaraj also went on to write that afterwards, he had a long conversation with Stale Mary and Hargrimm who offered him the throne. The game crashed every time he tried to accept, though. If you do find out the King's secret peaceably, I'm sure you can also report to Acaste.

You'll discover that The Silent King is pretty darned silent. Return to Many- As-One after you've discovered the secret of The Dead Nations. You'll gain 7500 exp for reporting back, even if you lie; but if you lie, Many-As-One won't trigger any of your memories. You'll get 2000 exp and another 1000 exp for the memory sequence.

After this, though, the Rats will turn mean on you and be hostile. What ingrates they are. Now that they're hostile, you might as well kill them, though it might be a little on the hard side for now. You can always run away and come back some other time. Many-As-One is one of the tougher foes you'll meet, especially at this stage of the game.



You've done what you set out to do. Leave The Weeping Stone Catacombs and head back up. Show Barr the Sphere to be let back in without paying any money. Before going to Pharod's Court, return Uhir's Knife for 5000 exp. Now return to Pharod.

Obtain 15000 exp for giving Pharod the Sphere and ask for your answers. Don't forget to push him about the "tribute" he took when his adopted daughter Annah found your corpse. Pharod will direct Annah to show you where you died and she'll now join your group automatically. Woo hoo! QUEST: Find the site where Annah found your body.



You should have the Punch Daggers of Moorin and Enchanted Punch Daggers at this point. Give them both to Annah as she can dual wield them. Take some time to talk to Annah and explore all of your dialogue options. Ask her what she found on your body and get a ring back. Annah is also capable of training you as a Thief. You can help each other with Thief skills, depending on who's got a higher percentage. You gain 1000 exp each time you do this. Also talk a little bit to Annah and learn that she was drawn to you in the Alley for 2500 exp.

Annah is a decent character. The Nameless One, Morte, or Dak'kon should be able to bash open almost anything, so you don't need to allocate that many points to Pick Locks and Find/Remove Traps. Put most of them into Stealth and Pick Pockets. Stealth will help you hide so you can backstab for obscene amounts of damage, and Pick Pockets will give you Annah's special five-fingered discount on expensive items you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

      Time to head back to The Hive, specifically, The Gathering Dust Bar in the northeast quad. Tell Emoric the truth about Soego to receive 2500 exp. Joining will net you another 2500 exp, but I always choose to remain Factionless.

Head to the southeast quad. Don't worry about trying to free Ignus with the Decanter just yet, because you don't know the power word to active its full potential. Just head over to Fell's Tattoo Parlor. Ask Fell about the tattooed Arm of yours, and he'll give you some information and new tattoos will be available for sale. These are definitely worth buying, as they infuse you with experience and permanent bonuses. It'll run you 4200 coppers, but you should have that much by now.

Now talk to Fell again and ask Dak'kon to translate for you. Dak'kon will lie when you ask him about the tattoos on the Arm. You get 750 exp for challenging him on this. He says he will tell you more about the four on the tattoo later. Leave the Tattoo Parlor and then ask Dak'kon about your travels and then ask him about the Arm again. Now ask him about everything he's willing to talk about. When you ask him about the archer, you will recall that his name is Xachariah for 3000 exp.

Now approach the door to The Tenement of Thugs and Annah will tell you how to bypass its magic. Don't head in quite yet, though, there's one more thing you should do. It's time to return to The Mortuary in the northeast quad. Don't bother having Pox smuggle you in, just tell a Gate Guard that you're here to visit Deionarra, and you'll be let in. Head up to the second floor.

You'll find that you can now use Stories-Bones-Tell on all of the undead here. Dhall has said that no doubt that others who have walked your path are interred here, Deionarra is just the only one he knows about for sure. Zombie 257 in the Northeast Preparation Room will talk to you, but will be pretty incoherent. As you walk off, though, it'll mention "Limbo."

On the third floor southwest of the eastern staircase, Zombie 310 will answer your Stories-Bone-Tell ability. While he tells an interesting tale, I don't think it has any bearing on your plight. The burned Zombie in the northwest corner will tell you a little about Ignus, but that's all.

Head back to the first floor. The most interesting Zombie remains standing in the room north of the eastern stairs. Use Stories-Bones-Tell on Zombie 331 and find out that he's your former companion, the archer Xachariah. There are some items hidden inside Xachariah, including something you stabbed into him long ago. As you leave, Xachariah will ask you to truly put him in the Dead-Book. Let him rest in peace and resume your journey. Credit goes to Marco Melgazzi for sending this one in even though he truthfully admitted that he wasn't the first to discover it. This tiny quest didn't reward that much experience, but it did answer some nagging questions and tied up some loose threads I thought existed after I beat the game for the first time. It's this level of depth and storytelling that makes me really love Planescape: Torment for all its flaws.

Time to tackle The Tenement of Thugs in the southeast quad; and as you head in, you'll view Pharod's unfortunate fate.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nicholas Yu under the international Copyright laws. Please contact the author via e-mail if you wish to publish or reprint this work. Anyone attempting to pass this work off as his own will be sent to bed without dinner and laughed at, because really, who would be lame enough to pretend to have written a game FAQ?
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