Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough



  D. The Upper Wards

The Tenement of Thugs

This is another fairly straightforward area. I wasn't able to get much of a reaction out of the beautiful tiefling painter, so I just left her to her work. Head inside and check out the nearby rooms in the hallway. The northwest room contains two Painted Thugs duking it out with each other. Apparently, they painted each other in each other's sleep.

In general, the Starved Dog Barking Thugs are slightly tougher than your average thug, and the Veterans tougher still. Thankfully, their relative toughness is not to the same degree that Yogi is smarter than the average bear.

Turn now into the southeast room, which will open up to the main area. You'll see two doors in this hallway; go northeast first. Inside, you'll find the legendary blind seer Tiresias of Homeric fame. He went crazy on me, and I wound up snapping his neck. Oh well. Head into the room across the hall and you'll see a woman named Sybil calling for your attention. Go talk to her and find out what she wants. There are a dozen Chaosmen in the next room, so brute force won't work here until you're significantly stronger. Actually, you might be able to handle this fight, but you'll come out of it at lot worse for the wear. I'd recommend guile over a direct attack this time. QUEST: Find Key and sneak out of Tenement. You can always come back at a later point and kill them all with a single Cloudkill spell if you don't like running away from fights.

The Key is located upstairs. Go back into the hallway and enter the southeast door. Go into the southwest room and kill the Thugs therein. The northwest door in this room is locked. This is the one by which you'll exit once you get the Key. Go southwest instead and follow all the way until you get into a bathroom with a lone Thug. Search the toilet and pick up a Blood Fly Charm.

Head back to the room with all the crates. The first door as you come back in will also be locked but you won't be able to get in unless you kill the bald Veteran in the other and take his Keys. Their mighty storeoom treasure only turned out to be 121 coppers. Whoop dee frickin' do. Try the next one and take the stairs up.

There's a trap in the room on the left, so have Annah disarm it. I hope you're not forgetting to search everything, as there definitely are some decent items to be found that can be sold. The room across the hall holds nothing of interest, so swing through the door north. There's a Thug and Veteran you need to pen into the Dead-Book. Run up the stairs they were guarding and get ready for a spell-slinging foe.

There are two Thugs and a Veteran protecting a Mage who just happens to be a perfect target for Morte's Litany of Curses. Dak'kon can also disrupt any spells he might cast with a constant stream of Reign of Angers. Yes, of course it's the Mage who has the Tenement Key. Don't forget to check out the other two rooms before heading back down. The room on the right contains a solitary Thug. Head back down to the first floor.

Go to the room that I mentioned before. The door that was locked will lead into the south end of the room with the dozen Chaosmen. You don't want to be spotted, or they'll immediately attack. Since you only need one character to find the exit, you can just make Annah hide in the shadows and exit out to the southwest into The Alley of Lingering Sighs.


Alley of Lingering Sighs

Sybil will immediately follow you out and hand you an Adder's Tear and 1000 exp. Go west and south until you see a Dabus. Just to the south of this Dabus will be a building you should enter. Inside you'll find the corpse of a recently deceased Dabus. Use your Stories-Bone-Tell ability on it for 1000 exp and to discover the mysterious reason it died. Don't forget to take its Hammer before you leave.

Now leave south, turn east, and exit out the southeast gate. Annah will take over from here and the Alley itself will talk to you. Recall the memory it brings up for a cool FMV sequence. It asks you to remove the Dabus so that it can divide. QUEST: Get rid of dabus in the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

Go back to the Dabus you saw repairing earlier, but don't kill it lest you bring The Lady's wrath down upon yourself. Instead, tell the Dabus about the body you discovered earlier. It will leave to examine the building, and the door will immediately lock behind it. Now return to the sentient Alley. You'll gain 11500 exp for solving this non-violently and without attracting The Lady's gaze.

Unfortunately, the Alley still needs some help. QUEST: Undo repairs the dabus made to the Alley. You should still have a Hammer and Iron Prybar (there's another in The Tenement of Thugs that you should have found if you sold or lost your previous one). Go back up the stairs and look for the spots to repair.

Just sweep your mouse over the points until you get a question mark. You'll then be prompted to examine and then modify the structure. The first site should be just northwest of where you come up from the stairs. It's a ramshackle building that vaguely resembles a shack of some sort. Loosen some of it with the Prybar and move on. The other construction site is the building north of the one where you found the corpse of the Dabus. Hammer some stuff back into place and go back to talk to the Alley.

Just before you head back, though, transfer *all* of Morte's equipment to your other characters. Just trust me on this one. It'll save you a little bit of hassle in the near future. The Alley will reward you with 16250 exp and will be able to divide, allowing access to the Upper Wards.


Lower Ward

Crap! As soon as you enter the Lower Ward, you'll be distracted while a pair of Wererats captures Morte. Not to worry, though, you'll be able to recover him at any time you desire.

Turn your attention to the people around you. There will be a large bald warrior named Korur. Assuming you specialized in Fighter once, he will be able to train you up to 4 levels (5 if you specialized twice) in any given weapon proficiency. Korur, and many other Ward inhabitants, will tell you to look for a gutted or wrecked building in the Ward.

Now go northeast a little and talk to Sebastion the pseudo-Mage. Sebastion promises to help you in return for your cooperation in another affair. QUEST: Kill Grosuk the abishai for Sebastion. You'll also first learn of the siege tower here. If you ask Sebastion about the Lower Ward, you'll get a memory worth 500 exp.

Just to the right of Sebastion is a haughty Aasimar named Xanthia. Find out about the Thokola and the fight they're about to regret getting into. I felt bad for them, so I talked to Thorp and warned them for 6000 exp. He'll also give you a pouch of coins after telling them Xanthia deliberately tried to get them killed. If you tell Xanthia you did what you felt was right, you'll get another 2000 exp.

Below the Thokola is a seedy individual named Byron Pikit. Asking him about thieves will net you 2000 exp. He'll also direct you to a man named Lenny standing south of the siege tower. Go talk to Lenny and ask him about thievery. He's willing to train you and that will net you 2500 exp and the Punch Daggers of Zar'Anun, a very nice item for Annah. I went back to being a Fighter immediately, though at this point, you might want to start gaining levels in Mage and stay there for the rest of the game.

You may have noticed an auctioneer named Giltspur standing outside The Marketplace near Pikit. Go talk to him and ask him for a job. QUEST: Take a handbill to Scofflaw Penn at Print Shop to be printed. He also sells items and rents out rooms, so if you need to rest, he's your man.

Now head north. You should be able to see the Godsmen and the Great Foundry, but there's no reason for going there just yet. There is a Githzerai woman named An'azi who is suffering greatly, so allow Dak'kon to put her out of misery mercifully. There's also a Githyanki named Yi'imin wandering around here, but I never talked to him due to the racial hatred between the Githzerai and Githyanki. There's another zerth here by the name of Kii'na, but she and Dak'kon really hate each other.

Keep moving along the north side until you see Deran and the criminals he sells into service. There is one slave standing by herself named Trist. Go introduce yourself and put yourself at her service to get her out of her predicament. QUEST: Find Trist's loan documents. Talk to Deran and tell him you're trying to help Trist, he'll keep her off the block for the time being. Go back and talk to Pikit. You'll get 1000 exp for talking to him about his possible deviousness.

Talk a quick break from this quest and visit The Marketplace. Make friends with the two Harmonium Guards at the two entrances, Drixel and Corvus. Corvus knows quite a bit, but he won't fully disclose anything until he gets to know you better. It turns out Corvus is infatuated with one of the young ladies shopping here. Her name is Karina and you'll get 2000 exp for befriending her but she's still lonely. QUEST: Karina needs a friend. Go back to Corvus and get 2000 exp for telling him her name and that she's lonely. Corvus will now be willing to tell you a little more about Lenny and Pikit. Talk to Karina again for another 500 exp.

If you're in the mood to buy something, Cinder sells spells, Anze weapons, and Aalek charms and magic items. Personally, I'd wait until Annah's Pick Pocket skill is sufficiently high, and then just steal whatever you need. Anze's son Lazlo, who works at the furnace, is also worth talking to. After talking to him, you'll figure out the key and the location of the portal. That's enough of the Marketplace for a bit. Cinder will also tell you that Corvus is very interested in solving the crime of Zak's murder (Zak was Trist's husband).

Go back and talk to Lenny. Bluff him into giving you the papers and 1000 exp. Learn about Pikit's documents at the warehouse for another 4000 exp. QUEST: Get evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal.

You should have noticed the Warehouse, it's just by the auction block where Trist is being held. This area is pretty buggy, because everyone says there's a management problem that you need to solve here, but I've never encountered it. For version 1.0 of the game, you can just talk to the Vault of the Ninth World and simply claim whatever items you need. Take the papers and claim a large bag of coins, too. It's probably yours from some time ago, since you correctly guessed the amount of coins, so it's not really stealing.

Now go talk to Trist and free her by showing the documents to Deran. You'll win 4000 exp and Trist's freedom. Talk to Trist again, and she'll come back and reward you with 4000 exp and some copper. Return to the Marketplace to converse with Corvus. Give him the evidence about Pikit for 2000 exp to get that scum off the streets.

Head to the northeast corner and enter the Printing Shop. Give him Giltspur's handbill. You can also confront him about the note you found in the hidden tomb that was written to the Anarchist spy in The Mortuary, but he'll just rip it up and claim defamation of character. Perhaps he would have been more amenable if I wasn't Lawful Good and had higher Charisma. Report to Giltspur for 6000 exp and another job. QUEST: Take a message to Keldor of Durian at the Foundry. This job can wait, though, as you'll spend a significant amount of time in the Foundry once you decide to enter.

In the southeast corner, you'll see a building marked The Coffin Maker. Talk to Dimtree first. Turns out he's a Zombie that Sebastion animated to keep the obnoxious Hamrys in his shop. Unfortunately, Dimtree has to endure a nonstop stream of Hamrys' blather, so he's suffering. QUEST: Release Dimtree from his zombie condition. There's not much to get from Hamrys other than some basic information at this point, so go talk to Dimtree's master Sebastion. Sebastion can't do it himself, but he'll turn his back and let you read a book from which you can learn the method to put Dimtree to rest. Gain 4000 exp. Let Dimtree rest and gain another 4000 exp.

Okay, poor Morte is probably suffering so you should go free him. Enter A Wrecked House, it's down on the south side of The Lower Ward. The house has a pretty interior, but it's down the stairs to grandmother's house you should go. Morte will yell at you to free him, but dread Lothar will suddenly appear. Be polite because Lothar can kill you with one hit. Get 30000 exp for telling Lothar that a crypt that he is interested in is emtpy (it's the one a former you designed). You should know because you've already thoroughly explored The Weeping Stone Catacombs and surrounding area. Lothar won't just give Morte back, though. QUEST: Find a skull of great value. Get 15000 exp for giving him a skull in which Lothar is sufficiently intrigued. I used the Skull of Soego, but if you killed any of the unique personalities in The Dead Nations, their Skulls will also suffice. Lothar will also tell you a few important things, namely that you have lost your mortality and must seek out a night hag to answer your questions. QUEST: Find the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell. Head out of Lothar's and pick up Morte. Morte will also have a new special ability that really rocks your world.

You can get 2000 exp from the skull on the shelf in the southeast by asking him about Ravel and her question. A couple of the other skulls will tell you about Mantuok and a powerful book that he carries. You can find him by going down the passage under the divan. The portal beyond him will drop you off right outside The Crypt of Dismemberment.

Should you choose to kill Mantuok for The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought, you can try to unlock its powers for yourself. If you listen to too much of its advice, you will become tainted somehow. It will teach you the spell Blindness for a drop of your blood, but the price increases exponentially after that. It next asks you to sell one of your companions into bondage and seek out Vrischika the importer in Clerk's Ward. QUEST: Sell a companion into slavery. Vrischika will pay you 5000 copper for any of your companions. The Grimoire will then teach you Adder's Kiss. Now it will ask you to betray one of your companions. QUEST: Kill a companion for additional power. You have to do it alone and without spells. Afterwards, it will teach you Power Word, Kill. Obviously, none of this is really worth doing, but some of you evil types might be interested. Thanks to Erik S. for dropping me a line on The Grimoire.

Now that Morte's back in your party, it's worth dropping in on The Pawn Shop. Miccah and Brokah are an excellent source of insults and curses. There's not that much to buy there, but it's worth a stop to pick up a few funny curses.

With Morte's extra muscle, feel free to tackle Grosuk, too. He's located east of the siege tower by the drawbridges, trying to determine a way in. You can tell Grosuk that Sebastion sent you, but you won't profit much from that, and Sebastion definitely won't. You can also open the portal up after you kill him. Just approach the eastern drawbridge and when prompted, suppress any desire to enter.

Go inside and meet Coaxmetal, a bitter iron golem who forges weapons for Entropy itself. Talk with Coaxmetal a bit and get 10000 exp and a weapon that can kill even you when you are in a location cut off from the Planes. Coaxmetal also sells a couple of cool weapons, like Punch Daggers of Shar and Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power. I never had a weapon that he seemed that interested in, though. Brian Brown wrote that Coaxmetal's inventory seems to change based on what weapons you are carrying.

That's enough for now, return outside to Sebastion. He'll give you 4000 exp and raise your Charisma permanently by +2. Now go deliver Giltspur's Note and let that be your reason to give the Godsman Guard.


The Great Foundry

There's not very much you can do in the main room except take note of the important people, such as the superviors Thildon and Alissa Tield. As long as you're talking to him, ask Thildon for a piece of Ore. There's also an office to southeast (the other room is empty) that is occupied by a Guard and Nadilin. Also, as long as you're here, buy the equipment you'll need for forge work from Nadilin for forty coppers.

Exit northeast into The Godsmen Hall. Meet Sarossa briefly and head up the stairs to the north. If you join the Godsmen later and ask Sarossa to teach you with her special talent, you'll gain a permanent +1 Wisdom. There is an engineer named Bedai-Lihn standing by herself on the balcony. She'll tell you about some of the other people here and how she doesn't like how the Godsmen are building a weapon of mass destruction, but that's about it for now.

Go back down the stairs and up the northeast staircase. Sarossa's brother Saros is wandering around The Hall. It's evident he doesn't care for Thildon at all. The man you came to see is behind the desk. Deliver the note to Keldor and then ask him about The Godsmen. QUESTS: Join the Godsmen and Forge an Item.

Before you head back to the forge, go the northeast and meet a man named Nihl Xander. His great-grandfather was commissioned to build a dreambuilder by one of your previous incarnations. QUESTS: Help complete the Dreambuilder in the Great Foundry and Fetch a vial of skin and blood. If you head up the stairs and tak to a Guard, you'll find that the factor Sandoz, the father of Saros and Sarossa, is away on a trip. Okay, now it's okay to return to The Foundry.

Just approach any of the Godsman smiths and they'll give you a crash course on using the forge. Pick the unusued one to the southwest. Work it, baby, work it. Ready the tongs, pick up the ore with the tongs and hold it in the flames, place the softened ore on the forge and work it into shape. I built a battle- axe, the item that required the most skill and patience. Return to Keldor and present your work for 8000 exp.

Accept the next task. QUEST: Solve the murder of Avildon the smith. Talk to Alissa first, and she'll tell you the possible suspects: Thildon, Saros, and Bedai-Lihn. Now have a word or two with Thildon; he'll try to implicate Saros. Now run back and talk to Saros. If you ask Saros whether he has any leads or not, he'll give you Thildon's Awl, something he said he found at the murder scene. Go back and talk to Thildon. Thildon will call Saros a thief, go talk to Saros. Saros will make more accusations, so you need to talk to Thildon again. He'll tell you that Saros and Bedai-Lihn are really Anarchists. Talk to Bedai-Lihn now. Now go talk to Saros again. He wants you to talk to Thildon again. Do so. After you confront him, Thildon will try to talk you into letting him go with the promise of a bribe, but I didn't give him the chance. Gain 10000 exp for solving the crime. I turned Thildon in but gave Saros a chance at redemption.

You still have one more task before you can become a Godsman. QUEST: Prevent Sandoz from killing himself. Talk to Sarossa about her father Sandoz and learn a little bit about him. You can also gain 200 exp by talking to Saros about being independent from the Anarchists. Go up the stairs behind Xander and talk to Sandoz from behind the door. Talk him out of it by asking him what he's seen and why it's so bad. He'll still be moody, but he won't be suicidal anymore. Gain 12000 exp when you return to Keldor.

You can join the Godsmen now if you wish for 8000 exp. If you do, you can see the secret project (nothing that'll affect the course of the game), rest by talking to Keldor, and buy items from Keldor. Also, as previously mentioned, you can go get an extra point of Wisdom by asking Sarossa. Also as aforementioned, I always choose to remain Factionless.

Leave The Great Foundry, because you're ready to tackle Clerk's Ward. Don't forget to check in with Giltspur for another 6000 exp and another job. QUEST: Take the handbill to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse. The entrance to the Upper Ward is in the southeast.


Clerk's Ward

Head northeast from the gate, and you'll see a man named Malmaner standing outside of The Tailor. Talk to him and you'll discover that he's in foul odor with the owner inside, so he needs you to pick something up for him. QUEST: Retrieve Malmaner's costume from Goncalves. Head inside and wait while Goncalves finds the time to talk to you. Get the costume and give it to Malmaner for 8000 exp, but warn him many other people are attending as Dustmen. QUEST: Obtain a second costume for Malmaner. Get a Godsman costume from Goncalves and give it to Malmaner for 6000 exp. The Tailor also sells magical garments for females, and it is the only place where you can buy armor items. When you have the extra cash or Annah's Pick Pockets skill is high enough, you can acquire armor for Annah and Fall-from-Grace here.

You'll notice a couple of entrances to UnderSigil as you explore Clerk's Ward, but I'd heed the warnings of the Harmonium Guards standing outside for now. There's great experience to be had down there, but also great danger.

There is a woman named Diligence followed by a Harmonium Guard named Matter-of- Course. I don't know if they have any purpose other to be a piece of dry humor. Send me an e-mail if you manage to accomplish anything with them.

Wander around the Ward until you have a complete map. To the southeast of The Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts are a couple of people you may want to whom you may want to talk. Ignore Eli Havelock for now, but remember his location. Instead, heckle the Old Poet for fun. Go in front of The Brothel and talk to Jolmi's Messenger. He'll ask you to meet his mistress inside The Civic Festhall.

South of the gate you'll see a small cafe with a few interesting patrons. Talk to the Drunken Mage first, find out his problem, and then conclude the conversation. Next talk to Able Ponder-Thought and grill him extensively. You can trade many insults and banter much when you first talk to him.

Now talk to the pretty Aasimar by the name of Nemelle. She'll give you the command word the Decanter and a quest. QUEST: Find Aelwyn for Nemelle. Swing around south to check out the rest of Clerk's Ward. Locate the Advocate's Home, Art and Curio Galleria, Finam the Linguist's Home, Curiosity Shop, and Apothecary; but don't go into any of them just yet. To the southeast of The Apothecary is another cafe. Aelwyn is here and will ask you to tell Nemelle where she is. You may pass by a Performance Artist who really *is* stuck inside an invisible box because he did an impersonation of a passing mage. Report back to Nemelle for 8000 exp and a kiss that bestows +3 max HP. She won't answer any questions now, but just follow her back to Aelwyn and talk to Aelwyn. She'll tell you that you were almost lovers and that you used to be a Sensate.

Head towards the Civic Festhall in the northeast corner. You'll see an eldery fortuneteller named Elobrande. She'll give you a scroll that she was told to give you long ago. Read it and take some damage and then ask Elobrande about it.

Continue towards the Festhall and a woman dressed in red named Sarhava Vjhul will wish to speak with you and start a fight with Annah. Just call for the Guards to head off any impending violence. Also talk to Salabesh the Onyx in this area. Talk to him and learn that he is The Master of Curses and wishes to be the future mage-tutor of the Festhall. Ask him if he cursed the street performer down the street. It turns out he did, but he says the curse is harmless and enhances his act.


The Civic Festhall

Enter the Civic Festhall. Talk to Splinter about everything he is willing to talk about. It's very easy to join the Sensates, but it's really not worth it. Instead, you can utilize Nemelle's knowledge that you used to be a Sensate. You'll get all the privileges of a member (access to Private Sensoriums, free room & board, can purchase items from Splinter), but won't actually have to join.

The noblewoman Jolmi who sent the messenger is here. You can let her kill you for 1000 coppers. You'll also see Mertwyn the Headless who is aptly named for he really is missing his head. You can also talk to (Romeo) Montague in the main room and find out that he's having relationship problems.

Wandering around inside will be Jumble Murdersense, the man who cursed Reekwind. He'll curse you, but don't panic just yet. Go outside and consult Salabesh. Question his sense of superiority, and he'll teach you a curse you can use on Jumble. You'll get 10000 exp for cursing Jumble and making him leave innocents alone. Get another 1000 exp for telling him to take the curse of Reekwind as well.

Head further inside the Festhall until you see the Warriors-in-Training on the south side. Talk to one of the idle ones to find out where the trainer is. Do the same for the Thieves-in-Training and Mages-in-Training in the next two rooms. You may notice an old grump named Merriman walking around, but he won't be willing to talk to you at this point.

The Fighter trainer Qui-Sai is in the room off to the northeast of the main foyer. Be patient and he will speak to you. Learn the Way of Stone from him and get a permanent +1 bonus to your AC. Get 10000 exp for talking Qui-Sai into training you as a Fighter.

Head outside to find the Thief trainer. Remember Eli Havelock? Go find him and talk to him. You'll get 12000 exp to get him to return to the Festhall as a trainer, but it'll cost you 500 coppers. Return to the Festhall.

Talk to Splinter and have him escort you to the Public Sensoriums. You can find the gray-haired Lady Thorncombe here getting addicted to the sensory stones. She will refuse to help you, so seek out Salabesh the Onyx instead. Tell him that Lady Thorncombe is addicted and he'll request to be the new tutor. Return to the Sensoriums and give Lady Thorncombe a chance to redeem herself. Once you warn her about Salabesh trying to usurp her position, she will snap out of her reverie and you'll gain 12000 exp.

Now all the trainers are back and you can purchase spells from Lady Thorncombe. Before you leave the Sensorium, though, experience the sensations. Ask the Sensate Guides to activate the sensory stones. The simple sensations (14 in all) cost 10 coppers and reward 750 exp each the first time you experience them. That's a mighty 10500 exp for a mere pittance of 140 copper. The extravagant sensations (6 in all) cost 50 coppers and reward 1500 exp each the first time you experience them. That's a total of 9000 exp for 300 copper, not quite as efficient, but definitely worth it.

You can catch a few lectures if you want, too. In the room southeast of the foyer, Ghysis the Crooked is lecturing on The Blood War. You can recall a memory of being involved in The Blood War for 1500 exp. In the Western Lecture Hall, Three-Planes-Aligned speaks on alignment and belief in the Planes. In the next room over, Death's Advocate is giving a lecture which you and Morte can ridicule. Head east of the Lecture Halls into the Dormitories.

Head into the first room on the left. You'll meet a striking woman named Unfulfilled-Desire. Learn that she has a really weird ability that can help out the Drunken Mage when you tell him about it. First talk to the Festhall Room Clerk, though. She'll give you a key to your old room. Raid the shelves and pick the lock on the cabinet to get the Dodecahedron item. You'll get 5000 exp for examining it and solving its puzzle but you won't be able to read the message yet. QUEST: Learn the language of the dodecahedron puzzle box.

Leave the Festhall, there's lots more to do in Clerk's Ward. Go talk to the Drunken Mage and tell him about Unfulfilled-Desire for 10000 exp and a Frost-Ale Mug that you'll need in a bit.

Also, get acquainted with Iannis the Advocate. It turns you know him, he is the father of Deionarra. I vowed to help him know more about her tragic death and the events that lead to those circumstances.

Now stop in at Finam the Linguist's home. Ask him to translate the Dodecahedron, but he won't be able to because he lost his notes. QUEST: Find and return Finam's research journal. His murdered father could teach the language, and his ashes are on the small desk in the room. You can use your Stories-Bones-Tell ability on the urn to communicate with his father. Learn the language to the tune of 8000 exp and an additional 4000 exp for a memory about killing Fin.

You can now go ahead and read the message withon the Dodecahedron for 10000 exp. Discover you have a legacy and go claim it from Iannis. Before you do that, though, kill the Thugs outside of Finam's. It turns out the Thug Boss is carrying Mertwyn's head. QUEST: Return Mertwyn's head to his body.

Okay, now return to Iannis and get your legacy for 8000 exp. QUEST: Deliver your receipt to the Great Foundry. No need to claim the Receipt just yet. Leave for now to pick up a few items from The Curiosity Shoppe. Buy the following exotic items: Fiend's Tongue, metallic cube figurine (Modron Cube), Chocolate Quasit, Deva's Tears, and the Elixir of Horrific Separation. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but they're all worth it.

Visit the Apothecary for the first time and find Pestle Kilnn in dire straits. Get a Dream Vial for Xander in The Foundry and help Kilnn out with the Elixir you just bought for 6000 exp. After they're separated, talk to Pestle for your reward of healing concoctions.

Okay, you have enough to return to the Festhall now. Give Mertwyn his head for 8000 exp and some copper. Now ask Splinter to take you to the Private Sensoriums.

Search out Quell, the mage dressed in blue and resident authority on Ravel Puzzlewell. Go talk to him and give him the Chocolate Quasit for 8000 exp after his falls onto the ground. Now he'll answer you questions about Ravel and sell you magic candy. QUEST: Find the portal key to Ravel's maze.

Now check out all of the sensory stones here and use them. The one on the left is a trap but you can will yourself out of it for 500 exp. The stone on the bottom is a connection to Ravel. Gain 6000 exp and she'll tell you more of what you already knew, that the portal was started long ago in The Foundry and that the key is a part of her. The stone on the right is a link to Deionarra. Gain 2000 exp and learn about her legacy. Gain another 2000 exp as the memory continues and yet another 2000 exp as it ends.

Time to talk to Iannis the Advocate again. Claim Deionarra's legacy for 8000 exp. Also tell him about Deionarra's residual memories inside the Private Sensoriums and volunteer to help him. QUEST: Obtain permission for Iannis to use Deionarra's sensory stone. Return to the Festhall and talk to Splinter on Iannis' behalf. Obtain the permission and give Iannis the good news for 8000 exp.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff to do, but you're basically down with the Festhall except for a couple of short trips you'll need to make.



You still have a few things needing doing in Clerk's Ward, though. Visit the Art and Curio Galleria. Examine all the pieces of artwork. Certain ones are significant, and I'll outline those: Dark Birds of Oceanus - catch one in your Frost-Ale Mug; Painting 'Gray Hag of Oinos' - 300 exp memory; Statue - break a piece off with your forge hammer for 4000 exp and a fragile weapon. You can free him with the Gorgon Salve for the same amount of exp, but he'll complete his curse and kill you. According to Erik S. and Brian Brown, this will power up Morte's Litany of Curses. You can talk to Yvana about all the pieces of artwork and the Modron Cube. She also knows a bit about Ravel.

Also this is a good time to buy/steal goods from The Curiosity Shoppe, and the Marketplace and Pawn Shop in the Lower Ward. You can also finish up the dreambuilder quest.

Go back into The Foundry. Hit Nadilin first and use your claim Receipt and get a whopping 40000 experience. No go off to find Xander. Give him the Dream Vial and he'll send off to get something from the siege tower. QUEST: Fetch a birdcage festooned with razorblades. Enter the siege tower and talk to Coaxmetal to receive the item. Return to Xander with the Dream Cage but he still requires one item. QUEST: Bring a coffin pillow to Xander. Head over to the Coffin Maker and talk to Hamrys. Endure his droning speech and get tot he gist of it by threatening him. QUEST: Get a coffin pillow from the warehouse. Again, they mention the non-existent problem at the Warehouse, you can just ask the Vault for the item and get it. Return to Xander with the Dream Pillow and receive the Dream Key and 16000 exp. The Dream Key will open the smaller locked door northwest of the forge. You'll go in alone and watch a weird dream sequence that hints at past and future events. After you're done, pick up your party members and head to Clerk's Ward.


Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts

I know you've been dying to go in there, so head into the Brothel. The first thing you'll notice is "easily the most beautiful woman you have ever seen," the proprietress of the Brothel, a succubus named Fall-from-Grace. After talking to her a bit, you'll be able to ask her to join your party. She refuses initially and will relent and join only if you speak with all of her students. QUEST: Speak to the ten students in the Brothel.

Head into the first room clockwise from the entrance. Finam's Book is in the table by the bed, and you can meet Luis, the talking armoire. Move up one room and talk to Juliette. Juliette is bored with her relationship with Montague, so I volunteered to pretend to be one of her suitors. QUEST: 'Spice up' Juliette's love life.

Leave the Brothel and go back to Finam's. Return his book for 25000; if you hadn't already learned the language of the Uyo, you could do so now. Now turn to the Festhall and have a chat with Montague. Pretend to be a suitor but then tell him that it is a ruse when he decides not to interfere. This is worth 5000 exp and you can gain another 5000 exp for suggesting that turnabout is fair play. Return to the Brothel and tell Juliette that Montague seemed disinterested for 10000 exp.

You'll probably see a redhead in white named Vivian wandering the halls nearby. Strike up a conversation with her and she'll tell you about her problem. QUEST: Find and return Vivian's personal scent.

Now head into the room above Juliette's and speak with Nenny Nine-Eyes. Ask her about Vivian's scent, but she'll be reluctant to say anything bad about anyone else. Gain 5000 exp for helping Nenny get in touch with her aggressive side. Don't forget to be searching all these rooms. There are many items to be had, hold onto one Handkerchief, too.

Keep going clockwise and talk to Ecco next. She can't respond, but you can ask the other prostitutes about her. It turns out Dolora will know more about her problem. In the room north of middle, there is a secret entrance in the wall that leads upstairs. There's a Caretaker there and a few sensory stones, but I never found any real purpose for this room other than additional depth and realism.

Head back down the stairs and hit the next room in a clockwise direction. Marissa will be hiding in here. Marissa will deny taking Vivian's scent and will tell you of a problem of her own. QUEST: Find abnd return Marissa's Crimson Veil. Ask Nenny about this and she'll tell you that she saw Kimasxi wandering out of Marissa's room.

Keep moving clockwise and speak with the exotic Kesai-Serris. You won't be able to interact with her too much yet. Dolora won't be in her chambers, but you can find her wandering around in the open area.

Keep moving clockwise and you'll meet Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. Let her and Morte insult each other for awhile before jumping in yourself. Ask her to make Morte more abusive and she'll comply. She'll tell you that someone has been sneaking into her room as well. Ask Nenny about it and she'll mention seeing a man creep out of her room. Time to confront Luis. As he splutters, grab the cloth out of his drawers.

The Veil is Marissa's, but it also has Vivian's scent on it. Go talk to Vivian first and get 25000 exp. She'll also sprinkle you with some scent that raises your Charisma +1. Now get another 25000 exp for returning the Veil to Marissa. Marissa will also turn a Lim-Lim into stone for you, but besides creating a strange curio, no one seems to know what this accomplishes.

Now go find Dolora. You can debate her and a memory will surface for 3000 exp. Play a game with her and she'll teach you Wei Chi. It's commonly known as Go, but Wei Chi is the Chinese name; and the Chinese *did* invent the game. Another 3000 exp memory will surface. Ask her questions but she'll say she's unable to help because she has a problem of her own. QUEST: Return to Dolora the 'keys to her heart.'

There are Modrons here, and they'll confirm that your Modron Cube is a portal that is activated when manipulated properly. You can also talk to the Brothel patrons, but none of them say anything of earth-shattering importance.

Return to the Festhall and talk to Merriman. He walks a circuit around the Lecture Halls, so it might take a moment to locate him. He's a pudgy bastard, though, so he doesn't move very quickly. Merriman wants to forget all about Dolora, so give him a taste of a Dark Bird of Ocanthus for 12000 exp and the Keys. Give the Keys to Dolora for 30000 exp. You can now ask her about Ecco and Ravel.

Go talk to Ecco now. Tell her you'll find a way to recover her voice. QUEST: Help Ecco regain the ability to speak. Talk to her again and slip her the Tongue, the Fiend's Tongue, that is. Use the Deva's Tears to complete the remedy for 30000 exp. Ecco will drop the bomb that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter.

Talk to Yves now, she's in the first room counterclockwise from the entrance. Trade some tales with her (the ones you learned from Reekwind) for 500 exp each: Mortuary, Alley of Lingering Sighs, Reekwind's Curse, Alley of Dangerous Angles, and Ignus. Each of your companions also has a tale to tell for 500 exp (1500 total). Ask Yves about herself and she'll tell you another story. You can also spot the resemblance between Yves and Yvana and point it out. Ask her about Ravel.

Visit the Art and Curio Galleria and meet with Yvana. Relate to her the Tale- Chaser's story and she will be able to see again. Neither Yvana nor Yves rewarded me for this, but I got a warm gushy feeling for doing such a compassionate selfless act.

Go back and ask Dolora about the rumor that Kesai-Serris is one of Ravel's children, and she'll point you to Juliette. Ask Juliette, and she'll point you to Kesai-Serris' half-sister Kimasxi. Kimasxi will confirm that she is her half-sister (same father, different mothers) and that as far as she knows, Kessai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. Finally, ask Kessai-Serris about this and she'll be angry at first and deny it. Go back and tell this to Kimasxi and she'll tell you to have her contact their father, a powerful Cambion. Talk to Kessai-Serris again and confront her with Kimasxi's words. She will speak with her father and reluctantly accept the truth. Ask her what she knows about Ravel and then ask her for a piece of herself. She'll place a drop of her blood on a handkerchief and you'll place 40000 exp in your head. You can now activate the portal whenever you want, but it ain't quite time yet.

Now that you've talked to all the students and solved their quests, it's a good time to pick up Fall-from-Grace.



Tell Grace you've spoken to nine students and then pronounce yourself the tenth. I gained an undisclosed amount of experience when Grace joined the party. Talk to Grace about everything and anything she's willing to talk about. You'll get 1000 exp for prodding her about her name. Ask about your companions, and she will also bring up Morte's Baatorian smell. She will also definitely dispel the notion that he is a mimir.

Now take a moment to confront Morte about being a mimir and his Baatorian odor. Gain 12000 exp for learning Morte's past. Gain another 12000 exp for a memory about freeing Morte from the Pillar of Skulls. Gain yet another 12000 exp for discovering the reason why Morte has stayed with you for all these years. Morte will also power up significantly in terms of Str, Dex, and Con.

Now that Grace is in your party, go acquire some better armor for her from The Tailor. Also take a quick moment to visit The Curiosity Shoppe with Grace in your party. Vrischika will positively bristle at Grace's presence and may cast doubt as to her true intentions. You can ask Grace about this but she isn't willing to talk much about her past.

Grace is a *horrible* fighter, so console yourself to your fact, and her special abilities are, well, less than special; however, she is an extremely valuable addition to your team merely for the power of her Priest spells. You'll definitely need her in your party if you're to survive the trials ahead.


You're mostly done with Clerk's Ward. Now it would be prudent to ...


Return to The Hive

Visit the southwest section first and meet your old friend Reekwind. Reekwind will give you 5000 exp and tell you another story (he'll write it into your journal). It's the story of Pharod and you can talk to Annah about it. If this is the first time you've talked to her since accepting Grace into your party, she won't be particularly happy. Placate her and talk to her about Pharod, the Bronze Sphere, and his former life for 2500 exp.

Head to the southeast quad now and enter The Smoldering Corpse Bar. Give Barkis the note you've been carrying all this time. Now go free Ignus with the Endless Decanter of Water for 5000 exp. If you talk to Drusilla again, Ingus will embrace her and burn her up.



If you ask Grace about Ignus, she'll tell you not to travel with him any longer because he's so unstable. Take her advice, but get some usage out of Ignus first. Talk to Ignus and be careful about what you say to him.

Tell him you wish to speak of flames and burning for 1500 exp. Gain 6000 exp for asking Ignus who taught him The Art. A memory with 10000 exp will surface. Now ask him to teach you a few things and say you are willing to suffer for knowledge.

Lose -1 max HP for 6000 exp and the spell Ignus' Charm. If you continue, lose - 3 max HP and gain 12000 exp and the spell Infernal Orb. Now he'll accept pieces of you as immortals' parts are evidently very powerful. Giving him your Eyeball will net 12000 exp and the spell Ignus' Terror, but you'll lose -2 max HP. Gain 24000 exp and the spell Infernal Shield for handing over your Intestines. When you lose max HP from learning from Ignus, you'll gain some fire resistance each time.

Ignus is a pretty powerful character, but who wants a rabid lion fighting on his side? Reform your party and remove him as soon as you're done gaining experience from him.

      You're done here, head for Buried Village. Go to Pharod's Court and pick up all the items he left on the ground. Make sure to grab the Bronze Sphere and the Crutch. Move to the archway in the northwest corner and the Crutch will open the hidden portal.

There's nothing here that you absolutely have to have, but there are a great many scrolls and charms in Pharod's library. I never found that many coppers, though. The only item that I'd say was key to find is the Lady of Pain Rag Doll, but you can also purchase one in The Curiosity Shoppe in Clerk's Ward.

Once you feel that you've plundered enough, return to The Lower Ward. Report back to Giltspur for one last time and earn 8000 exp for ferrying the message to Barkis. Head to Clerk's Ward. If you discount the optional areas (to be covered in the next section), you're basically done with two-thirds of the game.

version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nicholas Yu under the international Copyright laws. Please contact the author via e-mail if you wish to publish or reprint this work. Anyone attempting to pass this work off as his own will be sent to bed without dinner and laughed at, because really, who would be lame enough to pretend to have written a game FAQ?
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