Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough



Keep in mind that this walkthrough is written using a Lawful Good character with attributes similar to those listed in the Character Generation section above. This kind of character is intended to be able to solve almost all of the quests, so if some of this doesn't seem to apply to you, don't worry about it, and just concentrate on the major tasks.

Also, don't forget that you should try and complete the game on your own first. The best thing about Planescape: Torment is its amazing storyline, and you don't really get into it much if you just mindlessly follow the walkthrough step by step. Use it when you get stuck or after you beat the game on your own.

  A. The Mortuary
    i. Morte
  B. The Hive
    i. Northeast Quadrant
    ii. Southeast Quadrant
      a. Dak'kon
    iii. Southwest Quadrant
    iv. Northwest Quadrant
    v. Hive Quest Wrap-Up
    vi. Alley of Dangerous Angles
    vii. The Mausoleum
    viii. Ragpicker's Square
      a. Mage Interlude
    ix. Trash Warrens
  C. The Underworld
    i. Buried Village
    ii. The Weeping Stone Catacombs
    iii. The Dead Nations
    iv. The Drowned Nations
      a. Secret Tomb
    v. The Warrens of Thought
    vi. Aftermath
      a. Annah
  D. The Upper Wards
    i. The Tenement of Thugs
    ii. Alley of Lingering Sighs
    iii. Lower Ward
    iv. The Great Foundry
    v. Clerk's Ward
    vi. The Civic Festhall
    vii. Miscellany
    viii. Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
      a. Fall-from-Grace
    ix. Return to The Hive
      a. Ingus
  E. Optional Areas
    i. Player's Maze
    ii. UnderSigil
    iii. Rubikon
      a. Nordom
  F. Beyond Sigil
    i. Ravel's Maze
    ii. Curst
    iii. Curst Underground
    iv. Curst Prison
      a. Vhailor
    v. The Outlands
    vi. Baator
    vii. Carceri
  G. Endgame
    i. Return to The Hive
    ii. Fortress of Regrets
    iii. Maze of Reflections
    iv. The Transcendent One
version 1.5
by Nicholas Yu
[email protected]
DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nicholas Yu under the international Copyright laws. Please contact the author via e-mail if you wish to publish or reprint this work. Anyone attempting to pass this work off as his own will be sent to bed without dinner and laughed at, because really, who would be lame enough to pretend to have written a game FAQ?
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