The Definitive (?) Planescape: Torment Walkthrough (Version 1.0)

By Stefanos Koutsoukos
([email protected])

Greetings adventurers!!! We are well met once again, even though we may walk the shadows of Sigil this time around!J 'Tis a strange, yet most wonderful world that the good folks at Black Isle Studios have put together for us to enjoy.

Personally, I consider Torment the BEST rpg I've ever experienced, far surpassing Baldur's Gate and even the divine Fallout series.

And why is that, I hear you ask? Simply, because Torment takes the best elements of Fallout and combines them with the very best of Baldur's Gate!!!!

But enough with the chatter! Some big,scarred and tatooed guy has just risen (Am I Dead?) in the strangest of places....

Credits and Errata


Special Thanks: The Night (Forever friend and eternal muse and inspiration), Savatage, MANOWAR, the Number 420, Coca Cola, a month, my brother Mario, Roland the Last Of the Hamster Dwarves, Emily, All thinking people who don't follow trends like sheep, Rhapsody, Hammerfall, The Anvil Chorus, J.R.R Tolkien, Domine (Tales of the Noble Steele!!!), All my brothers and sisters of Metal all around the world -HAIL!, Liam Sommervile (Where the hell are you man? Let's do the Icewind Dale Walkthrough togetherJ), Skyclad (Building a Ruin),Stephen King, Ben Ellington and Cyberjag, Virgin Steele, Nachos, Coca Cola, The Pit, Baldur's Gate Chronicles, The Crazy Bunny, Harley Davidson, and you for reading this. Also, everyone contributing to this walktrhough stuff that I've missed (there's gotta be manyJ) is up for a place here (Think of it...the glory of being in the credits of a 17yr old from Greece with nothing better to do than write walkthroughsJ)

Legal S**t: This Walkthrough is the intellectual property of Stefanos "Steve" Koutsoukos (thash meJ). I have no problem whatsoever with you publishing this walkthrough on your site as long as you ask for permission first. Any bastard plagiarizing this (AND THERE WERE SUCH BASTARDS WITH THE BG WALKTHROUGH) shall awaken in Baator, AFTER I've severely rearranged his intestines. (And other gross stuff).

Thanks allJ.

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